On Saturday night/Sunday morning I had a yucky dream/astral experience which I haven’t written about until now for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I worried that it was my imagination that it was a psychic attack, not trusting my inner guidance, which is a sign that something got me. sigh. Secondly, I worry that I sound (and may actually be) crazy and didn’t really want proof of it online. LOL But I’ve discussed other psychic attacks, so I guess it’s a little late on that. heh heh 😉

There was the manta ray woman attack, the evil eye/psychic attack, and another negative entity trying to attach itself to my back…what is this with the negative energy/entities trying to attach to my back???? The manta ray woman did that too. It is very disconcerting to have that feeling of something pushing on my back, and not just feeling it in the dream/astral experience, but also when I wake up. Are they trying to get in through the back door or something? Our chakras take in energy from the front of us, and vent out through the back….hmmm…could it be they are trying to set up a way to feed off my energy as it’s leaving my chakras? I dunno…do chakras even do that? I’ll have to meditate on that.

Thirdly, something is wrong with my computer and it’s been crashing so much since Sunday that I’ve been staying off it. So far so good today. But I find whenever my energy is wonky I affect the computer. It makes me think there’s still something attached. 😦

In any case, in this “dream” started out as a regular dream of the sort which is a recurring theme for me. The one where you are back in school and can’t remember any of your classes, where you’re supposed to go, where your locker is, your schedule, etc. Although this time it seemed more like a workplace, or maybe a university, although not anyplace I’ve been to. Anyway, I was walking into the office to get my schedule, and this “man” followed me in, right behind me, dogging my steps. He was pushing at my back, and I became lucid and realized he was trying to get “in”. I didn’t really see him, but I got the impression he was smirking and being a jerk.

He reminded me of the nasty, terrible next door neighbor we lived next to when I was growing up. That man was a pedophile, wife beater, drug dealer…you name it. He was a horrible man and we tried to not only help the poor women and children he suckered in, but get him arrested too. The police actually came to us at one point and asked us to spy on him so they could get something on him. We succeeded that time. But this entity that attacked me had the same kind of energy. I don’t know if he’s still alive or not, but I doubt it was him. Just similar energy. Yuck. Makes you feel dirty.

Well, the reason I decided to do a post on this was because I got some surprising…verification? I dunno, but I read this article by Cobra on their Taiwan Ascension event and got really excited when I read that

In the final weeks before the conference and reaching their crescendo on Saturday, there were brutal Archon attacks on certain key Lightworkers on the planet and the Light forces finally had enough of this.

Not that I consider myself a “key Lightworker”, but I have been doing a lot of gridwork and trying to establish a point of light at my new location here in this small town. I have actually been trying to make the whole town a point of light. Maybe I’m succeeding and pissing off the negative entities! o.O But what else got me is this statement:

Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation codenamed “Justice of Maat” was initialized. This operation lasted for about 21 hours and as a consequence, no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun. As a result of all this, clearing of the head of Yaldabaoth entity has been significantly accelerated. 

Now, Taipei is 12 hours ahead of where I am, so that would mean that this “Justice of Maat” would have been instituted around 11:30 am my time on Saturday. Maybe the archons fled from the “key lightworkers” and decided to pick on us lesser ones. But I do think they (the Justice of Maat) came after my attacker, because I had another dream after I finally fell back to sleep after doing some meditation to clear myself.

I dreamt that someone was working on my back and there was great heat and light “burning” away the negative entity. Although I awoke with the feeling that it wasn’t completed and there was still energy now stuck in my shoulder region. sigh This dream happened within that 21 hour operation timespan though. I dunno…it seems like verification of my experiences. I remember that I awoke wondering why the hell I was being targeted, and that second dream was different to anything I had experienced before. I’ve always had to ask my guardian angel and my guides Oya and Chango to help get rid of the negative entities. And do the work myself…using my Dotsero Diamond to help me connect to Gaia and drop down into the magma chamber where the lava can sear away the negativity.

All in all, this psychic attack was kinda different, especially how it seemed to get resolved for me. And the article explains why I was targeted too…I know I’ve been doing a lot of light work to try to counteract the negativity coming from the US, and even in Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, etc, etc. Yeah…the world needs a lot of love and light these days! sigh. I’ve been trying to do my part and help. I guess the attack was verification of my success. bleah. But finding that article by Cobra puts a new spin on what happened and why. It’s interesting that I was guided to find the article, if nothing else.

Oh…the Schumann Resonance chart in my header shows how the Justice of Maat operation affected the planet! It lit up the planet for 21.5 hours! Victory of the Light! 🙂 ❤