I have written on this topic before, and even have a whole category devoted to soul stuff, but I have been kinda struggling to understand the whole soul hierarchy thing (see this post here). I’ve talked about the soul hierarchy and how the twin flame thing fits in here, and even devoted a 4am meditation on the subject of the Oversoul. But now I’m reading a really old book of my mother’s, which I think dates back to the 1970s, although the Berkeley copyright date is 1982. Still…it is fascinating to read this perspective from 30 to 40 years ago. I was reading Francie Steiger’s “Reflections From an Angel’s Eye” and came across her vision of the soul. Francie Steiger is a psychic who wrote a few books with her husband Brad Steiger, most notably The Star People, which this book is one of the series. In this book Brad describes her vision:

Francie relayed how she seemed to be standing somewhere in space, suspended, and was presented with a teaching which showed the Soul connected by a golden cord to a higher realm. 

Extending from the Soul, in starburst fashion, were many silver cords, like umbilical cords, which connected each lifeform entered into by the Soul. At the end of each silver cord there existed smaller “crystal” balls which represented each lifetime on Earth. Within each of those balls there formed an embryo which became a child and sometimes lived to an old age, gathering knowledge as it matured. This knowledge elevated the vibrations of each lifeform as well as that of the Soul.

Hmmm…that corresponds to my graphic quite well actually (see my header above). Her vision deals with the Soul and the soul extensions in my graphic. It is interesting that she talks about a golden cord though…I have never encountered that idea before. I know about the silver cord, which I have already explained as the energy cord that connects our physical body to our soul. I guess it makes sense that there is another energetic cord that connects our soul to something even higher up…either to our Oversoul, our Soul Group, or to Source.

Now the book has an entire chapter devoted to the soul and our lifetimes. She goes into more detail about her visions about “the Soul and its incarnations into the realm of matter”. She claims to have been shown a “moving diagram” which she “instantly” had knowledge about. Her description is quite lengthy, so I’ll kinda break it down.

My attention was directed toward an area in the upper righthand region, and I was told that it was a realm beyond time and space which was occupied by the Source, and the spiritual essence of the Christ Vibration. A golden cord extended down from that region to the Higher Self, the Soul, which was represented by a large, glowing sphere. I was told the golden cord was the umbilical cord, the lifeline, that connects our Higher Self, our Soul, with the energy of God.

You can see her religious belief system throughout the book, because she often talks about the Christ vibration and that the Christ Consciousness is a much higher state to aspire to. I guess it’s just semantics, but it sends up flags for me. I’ll discuss my issues with Francie in another post though. She goes on to say:

Extending from the Soul were many silver cords, which formed star-like rays in every direction. They too, were “umbilical cords” and at the end of each of them there was a small, crystal-like sphere. Each sphere contained a lifeform and its spirit.

These would be each incarnation we have had, and she says that she was told “that the dimension of time divided each birth.” Ummm…yeah, of course. I’m not sure if this was an accepted concept back then though and that is why she made such a self-evident statement. But I like the idea that each lifetime contains its own “spirit”. This makes intuitive sense to me, and helps to explain ghosts. There seem to be different kinds of ghosts, and some are merely “echoes”. People who don’t move on and connect with their Soul in the Light become ghosts…it is their spirit that is trapped on the astral plane without a body.

She goes on to talk about harmonious and discordant lifetimes and its effect on the Soul.

Whenever the interactions were harmonious with the Divine Plan of God, being of the Highest Order, sparkling lights were caused to exist within the spirit of the lifeform, located in the sphere. Whenever a lifeform grew in awareness, its spirit within increased in vibrations and the light of it shone forth brightly. The Soul also glowed in a similar manner…When physical death came upon the lifeform that lived in harmony with the Divine Plan, I could see that the spirit within was vibrating and glowing with vibrations of the Highest Order. The spirit became easily and quickly incorporated into the high vibrations of the Soul, for they were both of a similar, vibratory nature.

Whenever the interactions were discordant with the Divine Plan of God…dark, distorted energies were caused to exist within the spirit of the lifeform. Whenever the lifeform lowered its awareness, the spirit within decreased in its vibrations and became dark, the light of it growing very dim. The distorted, chaotic vibrations of the lifeform caused it to be unable to receive contact from its Soul. None of these energies were ever transmitted to the Higher Self, the Soul, and the separation between the two continued to increase.

Now this is interesting for two reasons…one, that the negative energy is never transferred to the Soul, and two, that there was caused to exist a separation between the spirit of a lifeform and the Higher Self or Soul. This makes intuitive sense to me, and I would have to agree with her that this is what happens. This also explains why we can never seem to “hear” or get spiritual help when we are sad, depressed, angry, etc. It’s almost impossible to meditate or get anything from my guardian angel and guides when I am feeling depressed. I must work hard to get back to a better place, or at least a neutral space. It also explains why people who are really negative seem to believe there is no God or anything bigger than themselves out there. In a real sense, there isn’t for that spirit. How sad.

She does say this elsewhere though:

I was shown that the Soul is continuously attempting to contact, to interact with the facets of itself which are chaotic and destructive, but complete communication is blocked by the facet’s vibrations, his lack of awareness and belief. For those facets that believe in nothing outside of themselves – not in spirits, angels or God – there is a self-containment of their energy. The angelic Souls are not able to establish contact with their facets which are destructive in nature, for they are of a different vibrational frequency.

So, like our poor guardian angels and guides, our Soul can’t get through the darkness that envelops a spirit, a soul extension in the diagram. It’s still there, just there isn’t a two way flow like there should be. I think the darkness blocks up that channel.

I do know that “dark souls” cannot go into the Light when they die and must go to the hinterlands (limbo, purgatory, whatever you want to call it) instead. I’ve spoken of this hinterlands before in my post on Hell and the Hinterlands, and it is a grey space where evil things lurk. Hell is not a place, so evil people don’t go there. If your soul is dark, you go to this hinterlands place. You cannot go into the Light, not because you’re not allowed to, but because you cannot tolerate the Light. The energies are incompatible. You shine light into the darkness, and it becomes light. The Dark have no desire to transform into Light. This hinterlands and Hell are not constructs of God; they are the invention of humans and other sentient beings who decided to use their free will to turn from God and become dark. We are co-creators with God, since we are little pieces of Source energy, and unfortunately our free will has given us the ability to create negative things. sigh.

Is there any correlation in Francie’s “vision”? Yes there is, for she states:

When age, illness or accident ceased the living of that lifeform, the spirit within, being filled with darkness and vibrating at a very low, chaotic level, was unable to be incorporated into the harmonious vibrations of its Higher Self, the Soul. Instead, the spirit was forced to enter a realm which contained other spirits of a similar discordant, chaotic vibration.

She calls this “realm of chaos” hell, but was not shown it at all. I unfortunately have been there, and know enough that this place is not hell, but rather, that hell is a repository of negative, dark energy and not a place for souls. Or spirits if we use her terminology. There is no sentience in hell…even demons don’t exist there. Demons are created from that energy, but they roam around in the hinterlands too. Demons don’t have sentience either, but they are a more organized form of negative energy. I think that the archons are demons, although I am not sure if they have sentience. I do know they belong to the lower 4th dimension, which is where the hinterlands and hell exist, if the 4th dimension and the astral plane are the same thing. I’m still puzzling that one out. sigh

Interesting aside: if the archons are demons, does that make their demigod Yaldabaoth Satan??? Boggles the mind eh? The things I think up!!! LOL An attendant thought: do the ickyons feed on our spirits, or our Souls? I’m thinking our spirits. Hmmm….