This morning’s meditation, after a very strangely symbolic dream, was on my lack of empathy towards Rachel Maddow’s colossal bomb she delivered the other night…the non-event of the unveiling of Donald Trump’s 2005 income tax. All 2 pages of an ancillary form. I must admit I LOL’ed with everyone else at her huge flop, and was totally unsympathetic towards her (see my post here). Not very high minded of me, I must say. Yes, I am squirming with embarrassment and regret here.

What brought about this change of mind? Believe it or not, but a dream about dinosaurs. LOL Wow…my personal symbology just blows my mind at times! heh heh I dreamt this big dinosaur was suddenly confronted with a humongous dinosaur who ran after it, so it jumped in the ocean to try to swim away from it. The other dinosaur was so big it easily caught up, and the littler one jumped on a ship to try to evade it. The giant dinosaur jumped on too, and they both turned into humanoid dinosaurs, standing upright and everything. The humongous dinosaur cut off the hands and forearms of the other dinosaur, and then the handless dinosaur took his “flippers” and gently placed them on the humongous dinosaur’s face and inched him backwards towards the railing. Something was going to happen, but I woke before it was resolved.

Oh…and as the smaller dinosaur was swimming, it knew (and I knew) that this event was going to cause the smaller one to undergo a metamorphosis to become a marine animal. Although I woke up before this momentous event was about to happen, I stayed in that hypnagogic state and tried to get back into the dream. I wondered what was going to happen, and it came to me that it was a solar event. The humongous dinosaur was going to die in the solar flash, and the smaller one was going to be changed into a seal or something…hence the flipper thing.  I also came to realize that this was a reptilian thing…that the dinosaurs had turned into Dracos when they jumped on the ship. And I was reminded that the dream was to make me feel more sympathetic towards the reptilians…I actually think it was a reptilian that was doing the “talking” in my head. Weird shit. I was reminded that they weren’t all the same and I should try to be more tolerant.

Which strangely reminded me of the Rachel Maddow thing, and how I wasn’t very tolerant towards her. Yeah…I have very weird, convoluted symbology that leads to strange revelations. Wow…just wow. LOL

My MOTN meditation wound up having me rethink my position on Rachel and her nonsense. Although I can’t seem to stop seeing it as nonsense, I did remind myself that she is still a human being with feelings. How must she have felt at all the ridicule? It was clearly obvious that she had not looked at the report beforehand and was just as shocked at what she discovered…that Trump had paid 38 million in taxes in 2005! It must be a bitter pill to swallow to find out how stupid you just came across on national TV! And that the whole nation is laughing at you.

I am trying to be more sympathetic and tolerant…after all, she is a mind controlled minion of the Cabal and is only doing what she is told. Maybe they are threatening her or something…although I am not getting that “feeling” from her. She seems to truly believe the tripe she is spouting. But if she is mind-controlled and still “asleep”, is this really her fault?

Meditating on this further, I really feel she was one of the idiots who engaged in that black magic ritual back on the solar eclipse last month…and I am reminded that this is the kind of shit that happens when a spell backfires. The ol’ Rule of 3…if a spell doesn’t reach its mark, then it comes back threefold. Is it fair to the ignorant ones who did that stupid little fake spell, only to be used by the true black witches as fodder for their satanic ritual? I dunno…but it reminds me that karma seems more instantaneous these days. If you try to harm others, you have to expect it to come back and bite you on the butt!

This does not actually help me feel sorry for Rachel Maddow though. I sent her love and light anyway, not just because it was the right thing to do, but because I do feel bad because I have a strong feeling that she’s going to lose her job soon. She’s costing the network to lose viewers, and they’re going to cut her loose. She’s lost credibility, and they won’t tolerate it. She’s no longer a good mouthpiece.

I tried to get a “feel” for Rachel, and she’s coming up…flat? Yeah…there is something wrong with her vibration. I dunno…it’s more than just being mind controlled and triggered…she seems somehow empty. Her affect is wrong. So I went looking for more videos on her to see what else I could “feel” on her.

Strangely, I found a couple of new videos that just serve to reinforce my lack of compassion towards the woman. Is this a test? sigh.

Mark Dice has a new video out showcasing how Rachel Maddow went on the Jimmy Fallon show and just blithely blathered on about her significant find. Wow…clueless or what? Did she not read any of the comments on social media that lambasted her on her non-disclosure bomb??? The video “Idiots Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Maddow Gush About Her Trump Tax Returns Stunt As If It Were A Success” just reinforced the inaneness of the whole matter. It’s hard to be sympathetic to someone who’s still gleefully trying to stick the screws to someone who doesn’t deserve it. She plans on ripping that tax return form to shreds to dredge up something incriminating, even if she has to make it up. sigh. She is not only clueless, but unrepentant. I dunno…should willfully ignorant people be given a free pass????

Now another favorite YouTuber of mine, Jordan Sayer, also put out a video on this matter, with a bit of a more tolerant view. “Corporate Media Cannot Stop Failing – The Return of KARMA” had him laughing at her too, but then he makes the same “instant karma” connection as I did. I like young Jordan…he is a very awake and aware conspiracy theorist after my own heart! LOL Definitely an Indigo child of the sort that are coming into our world these days…born awake, and higher consciousness. So I guess I don’t feel as bad for not finding it easy to be sympathetic towards Rachel Maddow.

Watching the Jimmy Fallon interview of her made me realize that she isn’t suffering at all…she’s not at all embarrassed by her epic fail. She doesn’t even think of it as a fail. I think the network is trying to do damage control by having her on Jimmy Fallon, but they both come across as idiots discussing this. Does he really believe this was a fantastic expose??? I dunno, they both come across as clueless here. I have lost all respect for Jimmy Fallon too. What is wrong with these people??? The disconnect is disturbing.

I guess this is the best video addressing the issue of not just Rachel Maddow, but the larger issue she represents of trying to destroy the President at any cost. Sean Hannity actually does a very cogent piece here: (or not…guess this was censored!)

This other video also does a great job of analysing what is going on with Rachel Maddow: “Has Rachel Maddow Lost Her Mind?“. Although this guy is anti-Trump and anti-Putin, he does denigrate her for her BS arguments which he correctly realizes only strengthens Trump’s position. I think we can all sympathise with him when he asks what the hell happened to the liberal left? I don’t like a lot of his anti-Trump and anti-Russia views, but at least he’s a lot more objective in his arguments. He’s actually kinda funny in his assessment…and he gets a little over-emotional at the end, but you can tell that he’s worried that people like Maddow are causing more problems and that she’s escalating WW3. So he does comes off as a reasonable analyst. He does know that the liberal SJWs are looking stupid and everyone is losing respect. He’s a progressive liberal who’s disgusted by what is happening to his own party.

Addendum: I feel better about laughing at her after seeing this body language specialist analyse the original video that Maddow put out...the poor body language expert not only couldn't stop laughing, but she did feel that maybe Maddow has Bell's palsy or something.

I am reminded that Maddow is just a mouthpiece for a larger conspiracy, and although I cannot condone her lack of judgement in being so used, I must still honor her as a human being, so I will send her love and light to wake her up and help her change herself so she can break free of this programming. Before it destroys her.