I am having a really hard time reading Francie Steiger’s Reflections from an Angel’s Eye book. I believe part of it is because it is an old book from the 1970s and the whole “feel” of the book seems outdated. It is interesting to read this book now, like 40 years later though. Wow…the whole New Age scene was very different back then! LOL It would have been interesting to find out what she was doing now, although she’d probably be in her late 70s or early 80s. I dunno…maybe she dropped out of the New Age scene because she wasn’t accurate at all, and I personally think her “angels and guides” were members of the False Light. If she discovered this, she may have withdrawn from channeling them and stopped writing and speaking about them and what they had to say. I dunno.

But I do know that there seems to be grave doubts about the angels and guides that she was encountering. I asked my mother her opinion, and she too had had her reservations about Francie’s “angels”. I do not think what she was encountering were angels. For one thing, I have never encountered a bearded angel. They tend to be rather androgynous. She recounts an experience she had when she was 5 years old, which in itself I question the validity of her memory to be honest. But she writes that she had an astral experience where she followed a bearded, long-haired man down a path where naked people were chained alongside, just off of the path. When one woman tried to grab her ankle and Francie reached down to help pull her up

the adult in front of me turned and with a sideway glance, said in a very monotonish but commanding voice: “Do not touch them!” 

She was surprised by the long haired, bearded man, but followed him to a golden door, with no handles, which opened to a blinding light. Before she could enter

a booming voice resounded throughout my entire being, “We are not ready for her yet!” the voice thundered.

She woke and ran crying to her parents that God did not want her in heaven! She claims she was puzzled for years by the “calloused attitude” of the bearded man, but came to realize that you cannot pull others onto your “personal path” because it is a “violation of their free will”.

Wow…red flags are going up here for me! I don’t agree with her assessment, for the enchained woman was reaching out for help! I don’t know what that “personal path” she was on was, but it is not the way to the Other Side. I have been to the Other Side a number of times, and I have never encountered either a path or a Golden Door. You do not have to go through any doors, or tunnels either for that matter, to get to the Other Side. I also cannot imagine a booming voice saying “We are not ready for her yet!” and essentially slam the door on anyone! Personally, I think this was the archon reincarnation machine she was presented with. If you look up about the Moon as a Soul catcher, and my post on it, there is an analysis of this idea. I think that bearded man was some member of the False Light, and he was leading her to someplace other than Heaven. There is no way an angel would not only not try to help someone who was enchained and asking for help, but there is no way that an angel would try to negate your free will in trying to help someone else. Nope…this was not an angelic encounter taking her to Heaven!!!

Francie gives a lot of advice on how to meditate, and channeling creative energy, and finding your soulmate, etc. I would not recommend doing any of her meditations…stay off the path and away from any golden doors!!!

I also question some of her assertions about what she calls the Holy Ghost, the Christ Principle, and the feminine-positive and the masculine-negative. The two former concepts smack of Catholic propaganda, and the last two smack of feminism! I have never encountered anyone who has called the feminine principle “feminine-positive” or the masculine principle as “masculine-negative”. I don’t know what her agenda or belief system was, but this raised red flags for me too. Usually the feminine is associated with negative and the masculine with positive, but I don’t agree with that duality either. But she consistently uses the two terms, which set up a lot of cognitive dissonance for me. And I don’t like the way she kept referring to the Holy Ghost and the Christ Principle as higher standards. I guess she was still a product of the 1970s and still firmly entrenched in the church’s propaganda. I wish she had used more generic terms, but it makes me suspect what she was referring to.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s a passage she wrote on her angelic vision she had at 5 years old: She claims she was:

visited by the masculine aspect of my soul, the negative guiding principle, whom I call my Guardian Angel. The negative aspect guides into my life the personal teachings and awarenesses created by the feminine-positive aspect of my Soul.

Honestly, I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about here! I really worry about this “negative aspect” part because she recounts that this male angel also sing-talks to her.  I have never heard of any angel speaking in a singsong manner. I have spoken to my own guardian angel on numerous occasions, and although she has a sweet, melodious voice, it is not a singing-talking kind of communication. I also recall other “astral experiences” on the Other Side where I have listened to angels outside of the Temple of Knowledge, and they spoke normally. One thing I have noticed with angels is they speak concisely and with brevity. No fancy, flowery language. No “my beloved” or “our dear ones” shit. That is one of the ways you can judge if what you are speaking to is of the Light…the False Light will try to deceive you with such flowery language and vague pronouncements.

It’s also interesting that during her initial angel visitation at 5 years old, her father was motionless and frozen, and when she called for her mother to come see the angel, she says this happened:

I called for my mother to come quickly, that there were angels in the room. Upon doing so, the male angel totally changed his voice. No longer was it a gentle, high pitched singing one, but a low, harsh monotone, mechanical-type voice. He said “Do not tell your parents”.

Ummm…this does not seem like an angel IMO!!! An angel would not change to a “mechanical type voice” and tell you not to tell your parents about them. What the hell did she encounter back when she was 5!!! I think this might have been an abduction scenario to be honest. I do know that abductions were a lot more prevalent back then. FRom what I understand, they are not allowed to do this any longer. I have not been bothered in many years, thankfully! But I remember ETs looking down at me in my crib, and I remember an abduction at 5 years old too. I guess this is standard protocol for abductions, from what I have read. There is usually an incident at 11 yrs old too…I remember seeing a UFO over the Caboto Club when I was walking to a friend’s house after school. I don’t remember anything else until I “woke up” at her house, knocking on her door, and being a half hour late for our meeting. I don’t know if Francie had one too, because I don’t think I will be finishing this book. But I feel pretty confident that she was not being visited by angels. :/

It’s also interesting to note that Francie’s mother confessed that she was

frequently troubled by certain of my visions, my dreams, my predictions and my differences from other little girls. 

Francie doesn’t go into what kind of visions, dreams and predictions these were, but they had to be bad enough for her mother to take her to Church to be prayed for! Granted, the prevailing sentiment at the time was that visions were of the Devil, but it makes me wonder if maybe hers really were! Or at least members of the False Light, like the archon angels, or some kind of ET.

It’s also interesting to note that I did find a site that had rated ALL of her predictions to be false. Not a single one came true…well, the recycling one kinda came true in the 1990s, despite being predicted for 1983. It’s still not quite like this though:

Garbage will be converted into full when an economical process is developed to transform trash into natural gas for everyday use. It will be used first in factories, then in homes. Recycling will become a natural way of life for us.

On a personal note, I was disgusted to learn that there is no law in my little town that requires recycling, and I am bummed that there are no recycling bins at my new apartment complex. They do not have to provide them! There is recycling, and thankfully I have my own bins, but I am the only one in the building that recycles. 😦 There’s the big blue bins for garbage, but not the ones for recycling. And I don’t think it’s being transformed into natural gas either.

Suffice it to say, she wasn’t a good prophet. Her sources obviously were fake. I believe they were either ETs or a member of the False Light, and she was being used. She was right about the Starseeds, because although I don’t identify as a Starseed per se – I don’t believe my human form has DNA from my home planet – but my soul definitely isn’t human.

In any case, I don’t like this book by Francie, and I wonder about what she was in contact with. And…whatever happened to her???? (see my post here to read about the mystery)