I have been trying to read the book Reflections From an Angel’s Eye by Francie Steiger, which is an oldie from the 1970s I believe, although the Berkley copyright shows 1982. This is where the first mystery comes in for me. I am certain it was printed before then, as I did find in another one of The Star People series of books that there was an earlier date for it published by Prentice-Hall. I believe that The Star People was the first in the series, then Revelation: The Divine Fire, then Gods of Aquarius, and finally the Reflections From an Angel’s Eye.

Now I don’t have the Gods of Aquarius book, but looking at The Star People, it shows a Berkley copyright of April 1981, by both Brad (who was her husband) and Francie Steiger. The Revelation book shows the Berkley copyright of April 1981, but an earlier printing by Prentice-Hall of 1973 by Brad Steiger. The Reflections From an Angel’s Eye by Francie was printed by Berkley in May 1982. Maybe my dates are wrong, and the first three are a lot older than the Reflections book. Maybe the Revelation book is older than The Star People, and it was only Berkley’s marketing blurb that lists it as part of The Star People series much after the fact. But it seems to me that The Star People and probably the Gods of Aquarius are as old as the Revelation: The Divine Fire book, and possibly had an earlier publication in the 70s by Prentice-Hall.

Actually, I found an older book on Amazon of the Reflections book and it has a copyright date of 1977 and a very different cover! The one in the header is the Berkley book copyrighted 1982, and the edition I have, and this is the one from the 1977 edition:


Hmmm…it does seem I am right in remembering these books are from the 1970s. Just a little side note too…the Reflections From an Angel’s Eye book has a hand-drawn picture at the beginning of each chapter. The other books in the series do not. So I do believe this is the original book.

In any case, this mystery of the dates these books first came out made me decide to google the books, and Francie Steiger since she wrote the Reflections book seemingly afterwards, possibly much after the first 3. This is when I came across the second and most confusing mystery…there is almost nothing about Francie Steiger on the internet, including the picture of her from the back of the books!!! There are references to the books, and I found a single site that rated the prophecies of past psychics including Francie, but I cannot find anything else about her. It’s like she fell off the face of the earth. If she was an “internationally renowned psychic” as that rating site suggested, why is there no other mention of her? Even if she is not online, others should have talked about her. Even the Wikipedia biography of her husband Brad Steiger does not mention her! It only mentions that he married a Sherry Steiger back in 1987. I think it’s the same Brad Steiger, and then I verified that Brad was indeed married to Francie in the Reflections book, because he wrote the introduction and even states:

Francie, as most readers of this introduction will know, is my wife.

It’s there in the book. Unless the Brad Steiger in the Wikipedia is a different man, I don’t know what to make of it all. Strangely, the Wikipedia page also do not list his books with Francie, never mentioning the Star People books. I don’t know why he would not include these books in his bibliography list, and it’s also the same deal on the GoodReads site. Did something happen to the two of them? Definitely something happened to Francie, and Brad has now distanced himself from her for whatever reason. I find it very odd that I can find nothing on what happened to her, nor any reasoning why there is no mention that Brad Steiger had a previous wife. I do think it’s the same man though, since the books are still of a paranormal nature and this picture does look like the one from the back of the books. This is a much later picture of Brad and Sherry Steiger though, so it’s a much older man than from the books.:


I think Francie died to be honest. Maybe the circumstances were iffy and Brad refuses to acknowledge it. I dunno what to think! I would love to know what happened to Francie Steiger!!!