Well, it seems that David Rockefeller is finally dead at 101…wow, it’s true, only the good die young! Sheesh…thought that evil old man would never die! Can’t say I’m sorry to see the evil ol’ bugger die…too bad his legacy doesn’t die with him too! sigh I guess his son died a while back though…real loss (not!) I even hate using his picture in my header…the image makes me ill. I can “feel” the evil emanating from the man…good riddance to bad rubbish! bleah So damn ugly too…what’s with all these evil Cabal buggers being so damn old and decrepit?!?!? I’m sorry, but I have no empathy for any of them…I know his soul is going to the hinterlands! What I’d like to know though is this…why did they waste a perfectly good heart on him??? This was his seventh! heart transplant…he’s 101! Why bother??? 😦 Oh yeah…he’s filthy rich. bleah

Yes, this is breaking news…see the article here “BREAKING: Billionaire David Rockefeller Dies at Age 101“. Guess he was the last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller, who was America’s first billionaire. Unfortunately, he was probably the least dangerous now, but I had heard he had died a while back, but with him being so old and reclusive, it’s hard to say when he really did die. I have also heard that Nathaniel Rothschild was also killed, but again, the proof is hard to find if the reclusive families are keeping it under wraps. Of course, this is conspiracy theory stuff, so use your discernment here. But…I want to point out that these old geezers are really old, and hiding their deaths might be in their families’ best interest for political reasons. In any case, this one is publicly gone now, and I have a feeling we will hear about others now.

Actually, the same website also had some breaking intel that George Soros was dead too, but that one hasn’t been confirmed. Oh wait…it’s from November 2016. sigh Guess it was too much to hope for. 😦 But, as the article “BREAKING INTEL: George Soros DEAD” explains:

This is not a news item. This is “intel”. As with all intel, you need to use your own discernment.

The Soros heart attack report is from 5 days ago. This newest blurb from Fulford came out late last night. The only source saying the heart attack is a hoax is Snopes.

So…this is Benjamin Fulford’s intel, which to me is shaky intel. I don’t find him very reliable personally. I don’t understand why everyone thinks he’s so great. Whatever. But the article tries to make it sound like if you don’t know the difference between news, as in Rockefeller’s case, and intel, as in Soros’ case, then you are stupid, so I want to clarify the term for both myself and others. According to Free Dictionary, “intel” is

Secret information or the gathering of such information; intelligence.

And Dictionary.com defines “intelligence” as both:

knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information.


the gathering or distribution of information, especially secret information.

So I guess the biggest difference is that NEWS is public knowledge and verifiable, and the other, INTEL, is secret and has to be proved. And it turns out that Fulford was wrong…or was he? Has anyone actually seen the man since November???

So…some were saying George Soros had a heart attack and died…all we can do right now is hope this is true, despite the noise of him being behind the protests and such. It could be his organization, or his son Alex. We will have to see if it is borne out. He’s SOL in any case…Putin has put out an international arrest warrant for the old bugger. “BREAKING: PUTIN ISSUES INTERNATIONAL ARREST WARRANT FOR GEORGE SOROS … DEAD OR ALIVE !” Granted, this is from November of 2016, but I imagine it still holds and the old fart is probably in hiding and using proxies to get things done. 😦

Actually, looking up other news on George Soros’ death for something more recent, I found this interesting article that is also from Nov 20, 2016: “George Soros is DEAD!“, but which has some very interesting intel in it! Use discernment when reading it. Hmmm…I don’t know if all of this article is based solely on Fulford’s intel or not, but it’s easier to read than listening to him. LOL I personally don’t like Fulford’s writings and don’t listen to him. I think he’s full of himself and I don’t trust him, so use your own discernment.

Something I want to note though, is that we have been told by both Cobra and David Wilcock (who I do like and trust) is that the names of many of the Cabal who have been killed and/or arrested by the Alliances are not being released yet, and the cover stories are being touted that they are “sick and on bed rest” (like Queen Elizabeth), or are out of the country or on house arrest. We won’t necessarily hear the truth for a while…it’s all still rather covert operations. I don’t care if they die or are just arrested…these Illuminati need to be removed from our society!