I just read a great article that really resonated with me over at How to Exit the Matrix: “Starseeds And Lightworkers- Time To Face The Dark Mirror?” I found many points that I concur with. I have been having some trouble with some of these woo-hooey type of articles lately, but this one was very thought-provoking and full of Truth.

The author, Steve Nobel, claims our 3D world

…has been an Experiment in Separation Consciousness. Earth has been a ‘dark’ planet for many thousands of years. We just have to look at what has been going on the past few thousand years to know this. We have been locked in a form of spiritual quarantine and it has been quite challenging until fairly recently to birth much light here. This has been an experiment in separation consciousness that has gone just about as far as it can go.

I have heard this hypothesis before…not only that we are one of the most negative realms out there, but that this has been an experiment where the darkness has been allowed full reign. This experiment is now at an end. Thankfully!!! I think it’s been a horrible mistake to be honest…we should never have explored this warped way of exerting our free will! It cannot end fast enough for me! I guess this is a function of being a starseed too though…as the author points out:

Ask any Starseed (a being who is not native to this 3D-4D dimension of the earth) and they will tell you that there is something very wrong with the way things are done here on Planet Earth. There is something very wrong with the way we treat the planet, with the way we enslave human communities to work for short term gains that in no way enhance life on earth in the long term. Ask any Earthseed (a being who has been stuck in the reincarnational cycle of this dimension of earth for a very long time) and they may say they have no idea what you are talking about. To most people on the planet (currently Earthseeds) spiritual awakening is at best, seen as a self-centred indulgence and at worst something to be feared and blocked.

As a starseed, I am continually appalled at the horrors that humans impose on each other and on this planet and her denizens. Oh yeah…there is something horribly wrong with the way things are done here! I never really thought about my fellow humans as Earthseeds though…but it does explain why some people don’t understand what I am talking about. Even in my own family! sigh

Something else the author touches on is something that I never really stopped to think about but find to be very true…that something changed with the new millennia and yeah, things have been much tougher this whole damn century!

Around the year 2000 ‘dark’ forces became aware of what was happening in terms of the planetary shift and decided to do something about it. Please remember this is all part of the game of consciousness evolution even though it can feel more than a little tough for those doing the work on the ground. Before the year 2000 it was a little different. I remember the 90’s as being fairly idyllic with very little interference from the ‘dark’ side. We could manifest our car parking spaces will little trouble. Spirituality seemed light, hopeful and joyful. The world seemed less volatile. The New Age of Light seemed just around the corner. This all seemed to change around the millennium when a plan was put in motion to block the ascension process through all means available. This plan involved utilising both practical physical forces as well as lower energetic astral forces to block the ascension/awakening process. Certain Lightworkers/Starseeds were targeted and attacked.

Wow…this really resonated for me! It’s been more than “a little tough”; I have been going through a “dark night of the soul” for the last couple of decades to be honest. But things have been bad since 2000. I can’t find work, my depression and anxiety have been out of control and I am now on disability for it, I can’t seem to manifest abundance to save my soul, and have almost wound up homeless a couple of times! WTH happened to the wonderful gains that awakened kundalini offered me back in the 80s and 90s??? I can’t seem to manifest and gain back that spiritual momentum of the last century. Yes! Something has changed, and not for the better! I totally believe that the dark forces are hijacking the ascension process and fomenting a lot of darkness for all of humanity right now! I believe ascension was supposed to happen in 2000, and then again in 2012. Something has stopped it each time! I am definitely sick of it! We need ascension now!

Although I am horrified by the terrible news that seems so prevalent these days, I do realize that the reason that things are so bad is because the dark cannot handle the higher frequencies that are permeating our 3D reality and shifting us into a higher one. They are essentially going mad, and the bad behavior is a symptom of their madness.  Still…it is hard to watch. Hopefully the death of David Rockefeller is an omen that the old is truly dying off and it will soon be much lighter again.

The ‘dark’ has been trying to hold onto control through various subversive activities…Western leaders have been persuaded by the ‘dark’ to launch military invasions on the pretence of fighting terrorism. What this is really about is an attempt to control essential resources and strategic footholds as well as making a few corporate chums much wealthier. Most importantly, keeping the vibration of the planet artificially in fear. 

Yes…I can see this in the crazy posturings of the anti-Trump protests and the crazy leftist ramblings and attacks. They are fearful. Their fears are being played upon by the elite. How I wish more of them were awake. sigh. Every night I throw tons of love and light at them.

Now the author says that a friend told him the following, which I’m not sure is true or not, but it’s an interesting premise:

My good friend Claude says, “Actually we are in the period called by the ancients the ‘apocalypse’ which simple means ‘revelation’ that is bringing hidden things to light, that’s the period that started around 2000 and will last until around 2030″. Around 40% of souls been born now are 4D and over while 60% are still 3D. Anyway, 50 years before only 4% were 4D so now the rate is 10x bigger and increasing … Only after 2030 will souls lower than 4D not be able to incarnate here. Around the year 2035 we will be a 4D humanity and will stay so for about 250-300 years until we start to reach 5D in larger numbers …”

Ick…this is to go on until 2030???? I certainly hope not…I don’t want to be around that much longer!!! I’ll be 68…I dunno if I want to wait that long to be honest!!! I’m sooo tired already! bleah. This also doesn’t address those of us born before…if only 4% of those born in the 50 years before (my time period), then there will still be a lot of older people who aren’t 4d. So I’m not sure of Claude’s numbers to be honest…I believe that the energy waves that have been bombarding us are changing us to 4D. Although…maybe only 40% today are at the 4D level? Yeah, I can buy into that. I had heard that what was significant about 12-21-2012  was that no more evil souls can incarnate here after that date. So in 20-30 years the world will be totally different due to this fact. Only 4D souls can incarnate after 2030? I dunno…is it me, or does this still seem so far away? sigh.

Then the author goes and reminds us there is still a lot of work to do, even for us starseeds and lightworkers:

I have met many Lightworkers who are afraid to look at the dark. They only want to see what is light, bright and beautiful about themselves. I understand the reasons for this totally. When we first come to the spiritual path it can feel so nurturing, affirming and expanding. At a certain point when we have gained enough spiritual strength it is important to look also at our darkness. The intention here is not to reinforce our darkness but to understand the lessons there and to dissipate anything that no longer serves our highest path.

Naw, I don’t think it’s fear of looking at the dark…at least for me, it’s more a desire to be totally done with it! I am beyond sick of the dark! I don’t want to deal with it any longer! I only want to nurture the light and pray the dark withers away and is eliminated permanently by my inattention! I have done a lot of inner work on my darkness since my kundalini awoke back in 1989, and I am hoping it is transmuted to a very large degree by now!

As an empath, I am also tired of helping others with their darkness too…I know that is part of our “job”, but I think it is time for everyone to own their own darkness and deal. I feel that a large part of the darkness I deal with is not mine. I’m trying not to take on my parents’ and sisters’ darkness, and find I need to shield a lot when I am around them. Is it really my job to transmute other people’s darkness??? Is this something I still need to be doing? bleah

I had read about a “wind” that would whisk away people’s darkness as part of the ascension process…see my post here. I think this will take care of the last bit of darkness to be honest. Or am I being lazy here??? sigh But I disagree with him when he says we have to look in the dark mirror and peel back all the successive layers of the onion…I suppose those who haven’t done any spiritual work need to do this, but I think the average lightworker has already done much of it and I don’t think we have to keep poking at the damn scab!!

Perhaps I have lost all my compassion when I say I think we should just go through ascension regardless of whether everyone is ready or not…I do have faith that it will all work out according to God’s plan though. I believe in the spontaneous evolution that David Wilcock showed in his Ascension Mysteries book, and I think this solar flash that will happen will either kill you if you’re not ready, leaving you to incarnate on another 3D world until you are, and will transform those of us who are ready. I think many are asleep, but that doesn’t mean at a soul level they aren’t ready IMO. I say…bring it on! I’m sick of dealing with the dark!!!