Another of Love In Action Now’s posts resonated with me today too…this time I can totally agree with the ascension symptoms she is experiencing. It’s always nice to find that others are experiencing some of the same crazy shit you are. That I am not alone in this and crazy. sigh.

She asks:

How are you all feeling?

Aside from the symptoms I mentioned above, the nausea/gastro distress, the hot/cold stuff and the panic, a fairly new symptom ~ one that has increased this week ~ is a lack of appetite.  Not only that, I keep losing interest in foods this reality has to offer.

My answer: yup to the nausea/gastro distress, the hot/cold stuff, and the anxiety/panic. The loss of interest in food has been going on for quite a while now to be honest. It’s not so much a loss of appetite as a loss of interest in the foods available to me…”foods this reality has to offer”. I too have been going to the grocery store looking for foods that appeal to me these days, and find nothing. It is feeling increasingly like all the food is poisoned by GMOs and pesticides and toxic ingredients that should not be put in food!!! Is it just a cognitive dissonance thing, since I know that even organic food isn’t exempt from GMOs and pesticides, since bees pollinate across fields, and winds can carry pesticides to organic fields? Then there are the chemtrails…I notice that the worse chemtrails here in my little town are over the fields of crops. 😦

I say prayers and blessings over my food and drink, in the hopes that it will negate the damage that has been imposed on our food by Big Agri and the food industry. I am taking spirulina and MSM and Vit C to try to negate the effects too. I guess it isn’t any wonder that I have lost my appetite for food. sigh. But I am finding that I am waking around 5:30 am with my stomach rumbling. I am hungry, but I don’t know for what. At meal time, I scrounge around the fridge and cupboards, and don’t know what I want to eat. I have even lamented to my sister that I don’t know what to have for breakfast any longer. I have googled it, and still find nothing appealing. I find myself eating a whole box of crackers or a pizza for supper these days. Mostly, I don’t eat anything. It’s amazing that you really don’t need a lot of food to survive! LOL

But lately I have also been suffering from anxiety too…even before the showdown with my father and the home. The anxiety and negativity has only gotten worse because of it…and I’ve taken to a new site called They want money of course to get to more advanced levels, but I’m just sticking with the simple stuff with them. The games are moderately helpful, but I don’t feel like posting on there. Their assessments so far have not been helpful, I’m sorry to say. But this speaks to how I’m feeling like I need help with the anxiety. Maybe it’s not just me though…I do know that we were recently hit with a massive dose of photonic energy from a CME that was caused by an asteroid hitting the sun (see the video here).

Now, I’m feeling a little better today, and checking the Schumann Resonance, I see that it is spiking past 30 Hz today…I think this is because of the Pizzagate protest going on in Washington today. My header shows today’s graph. I hope this protest is successful…my thoughts and prayers are with them all! I am sorry to hear they got to Alex Jones though, and he was forced to make a retraction of his statements about Pizzagate yesterday. 😦 Most people seem to believe that they threatened him and his family and that is why he made a public apology to pedophile James Alefantis. I guess he’s suing Alex Jones. David Seaman better watch out! 😦 But I do like David’s video on the subject of Alex Jones’ retraction best…see it here.

But there is all kinds of shit going on these days…Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Lite tanked and I think his position as speaker of the house is uncertain now. Supposedly, Trump is furious with him, and I can see him losing his position as a result of this bad bill that should have fixed the healthcare problems. I think there are a lot of worried, unhappy people because of this. I guess I’d better reinforce my shields. sigh.

I also wonder how much of my anxiety is because of the energies that are bombarding us from the sun…the solar winds have been phenomenally high the last few days. I do know I am sensitive to CMEs and stuff…are these high solar winds impacting me too? I know they cause earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt…I believe Etna is still erupting.

I dunno if I’m reacting to all these various things, but I do know that I feel like laying low and resting. I am sleeping a lot more lately, and getting up late. My dreams for the past few weeks have been rather negative, despite my asking/pleading for pleasant dreams about the future after Ascension. It’s not happening. 😦 Instead, I feel like I’m being attacked, in the sense that I am being shown brainwashing types of scenes, and the archons are trying to get me to agree to the negative concepts they are showing me. They are trying to convince me, through my dreams, that partial disclosure is okay, that pedophilia is okay (that was this morning’s! Isn’t that synchronous?!?!?), that other negative narratives are good and I should agree with them. It seems every morning I have to awaken and negate the messages that were being bombarded at me during the night! 😦 I am feeling tired and negative. Dear God…let Ascension happen soon!