Wow…the False Light is really trying to hijack intel on the Ascension process! I gotta talk to my guardian angel about protecting me from them. Well, to be honest, I have, but I think her hands are tied. Angels cannot negate our free will, and are limited in what they can do. Contrary to popular ideas about the avenging archangel Michael, angels cannot destroy anything. They can passively protect you, but they cannot eliminate archons or destroy negative energy. I have switched my prayers to asking for help in helping me to help myself. To help me find the tools and knowledge to help myself.

Why do I bring this up? Well, I just came across two articles that show how others have been co-opted by the False Light. The False Light will help you destroy things, because they are not really of the Light. And they will lie to you about things. Let me be clear…angels cannot destroy negative entities. Their energy is not conducive to this kind of thing. They cannot harm anything…they are totally of the Light.

In the first article. the author claims that

A very interesting development took place on March 27th, 2017 around 12PM Pacific time. A massive false light matrix was extricated from the planetary surface, with connections to the moon, as well as Saturn being dissolved.

I am always leery of such grandiose statements, especially since it wasn’t foretold anywhere else, and no one else is talking about it. The rest of the article actually does a pretty good job of discussing the false light matrix and has a lot of truth about what has really been happening to us. Mostly it is a good article, so it is worth it to read the whole thing. Just take the beginning statement with a grain of salt.

This is true of a lot of articles written by people who have been duped by the False Light…there is some Truth given out, but there is always some disinfo you have to wade through too. One must always use discernment when reading any channeled information, or writings by New Age Truthsayers. Remember…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. sigh.

Then there are those who are totally deceptive and only in it for the money. In this article, “Archons Be Gone“, the poor deluded author thinks she has defeated the archons once and for all with the help of a couple of archangels…archon angels. sigh. How they must be laughing at her…which I did too, at first. Then I thought that wasn’t kind of me, since she is thoroughly deluded by these members of the False Light. What makes me think she is deluded? This statement right here…

In light of the archon’s positive response to being evicted, I asked the archangels if we could help all the archons return home. I am very happy to report that permission was granted! So, on behalf of Gaia’s children, I told the archons to leave our world forever. Then I stood watching in amazement as the rest of the archons rose up out of the Earth and their human hosts, and ascended into the upper dimensions.

Yup…the world is saved and she got rid of all the archons! Yay!!! They are all gone, because the archangels gave her permission to tell them to go away. Yup, uh huh, right. SMH. Such a lovely vision she had I’m sure, but it wasn’t the Truth. Sorry, but the world does not “feel” free of these parasitic negative beings. I don’t feel free of them. I think the world would feel different if this was the case, don’t you??? I don’t feel any such lightness or rightness in the world yet. And I don’t think it would be this easy. I know that many have been working for a long while to rid humanity of this scourge, but I seriously doubt that the author single-handedly got rid of them all. Thanks for the thought though hon. LOL

I would think that since this archon problem has been with us for millennia, it’s going to take more than one person’s vision to delete the problem. If that was possible, I would have gotten rid of them a while back.

 I was told that the archons were waiting to be officially evicted from Planet Earth before they could leave here. I was also told that a human had to give that eviction order. In other words, the angels couldn’t intervene on our behalf without our permission. Additionally, a human giving that order symbolized the return of power to its rightful owners – the citizens of Planet Earth.

Ummm…I’ve been telling them to leave for several months now! I have been praying for them to leave for almost a year now. I don’t think it will take only a single human to give that eviction notice. Not when there are probably thousands if not millions of Cabal who want them to stay. She’s right about the angels not being able to intervene without our permission, but we need an amount that will be a tipping point. So it’s kinda cute that she thinks she actually got rid of them all, but this is false intel, and not right to get less discerning people’s hopes up. This is what the False Light does…gets people’s hopes up, then dashes them when it fails to be the truth. People get discouraged, and that anger and disappointment is good food for the Dark. I guess I have to be careful not to be angry and disappointed about this…mostly I feel rather amused and sorry for her.

The angels assure me that the eviction was complete and successful. All the archons are gone, never to return. (And there was much rejoicing!) That being said, the archons’ systems of fear-based control are still operational here. Some are overt while others you cannot see such as psychological implants. These remnants are quickly breaking down, though. Without the archons here to sustain them, they cannot last.

Ah…their systems are still in place. Uh huh. I would love to believe her, and I guess we are being cautioned to be patient as their systems break down…ummm…isn’t that what has been happening for the last little while, with all the protests, and Brexit, and the breakdown of the EU and the NWO? Wait no…she will help you remove these remnants, for a price.

Yup, there is the money play…sigh, the real agenda. You can get the healing and guidance to help you get rid of the archon programming for only $77 to $111!!! What a deal!!! bleah

If these suggestions don’t work, I may be able to help. The angels and I offer Multidimensional Healing and Guidance. 

This money ploy is the real sign that something is from the False Light…real angels and those who really are trying to help do not charge money. Yes, yes, we all need money to live on, but I’m sorry, why aren’t the angels supporting her??? What a crock. The fact that she ends her article with a link to her site with it’s monied programs, says everything. It does not lead to any real information, her site is strictly a front for a store where she sells her services. Beware of these kinds of false prophets who are in contact with members of the False Light. Also beware of those with trademarked “certifications” in nonsensical disciplines like “Chios® Master”…uh huh. 😦 I guess I had to diss this on my blog since the comments section was disabled on the site.

I really feel it is wrong to let these people try to disinform others in these ways! It’s so hard to find Truth when the False Light is so adept at fooling the unwary. I write these kinds of posts to try to help people realize a greater discernment, so they can see through the false narratives. The Dark is still desperately trying to hold onto the mostly asleep masses, and for many who are just awakening, this stuff will lead you astray! 😦