The Prepare For Change blog has just released the March 2017 transcript of their interview with Cobra. I just wanted to weigh in with my own insights into this intel.

I must say though, I am ambivalent about the asking for donations that prefaced this Q&A. I didn’t like the play on my sympathies for someone in Africa, where one cannot easily verify the story. So I guess this was my first red flag that makes me question Cobra’s intel. Although to be honest, this isn’t Cobra’s fault…this is a request by the Prepare for Change group. So…I continued on to Cobra’s intel and tried to focus on it.

He does say that the Ascension process is indeed that…a process that takes time. He explains that the Event that he talks about is something that precedes Ascension though, which is what I always believed too.

The Event, I have explained this so many times. The Event is actually when the breakthrough happens. This means disclosure, it means arrest of the Cabal and it means financial re-set. The actual Ascension process actually really starts at that time.

Actually, this makes sense…once we have the Event, which is full disclosure and the financial reset, then people will be awake enough to tolerate the Ascension process. The Event will help awaken people so they can then raise their frequencies and be transformed by the ascension process.

I found it encouraging that he was insistent that partial disclosure will not happen…only Full Disclosure! I had what I have termed a “mind control dream” that was trying to convince me that partial disclosure was a good thing. I woke once I realized they were saying over and over again “partial disclosure”, and immediately rejected it. I am having too many such “mind control dreams”…I wish that programming could be eliminated!!! sigh

We are NOT going to get a partial disclosure. We are going to get a full disclosure. That’s not an option It is not a subject of discussion. I will repeat again; we will get full disclosure.

Well, I have been affirming this quite a lot in the last few weeks to be honest, so hopefully adding my free will to the rest of humanity’s is helpful in this regard. 🙂

He also confirmed that David Rockefeller is really dead, and didn’t get transferred to a new body through some sort of cloning process. I have heard such stories, and he is filthy rich and one of the lead Illuminati families, so who knows???

COBRA – It was a true death. He really died and he is not in a cloned body, so he is truly and really dead. (OK)

Aaron – Do you know if this was a natural death and he wasn’t taken out by the Light Forces right?

COBRA – I would say he died as a consequence of his fear after being exposed to certain operations of the light forces. (OK)

That man was truly evil, and I do sincerely hope he is dead and gone. I think there must be others who are worried too, since it seems that it was a question that was asked before of Cobra. I guess Cobra is even going to do a blog post on the whole Rockefeller issue. He even answers the question about the son that supposedly died back in 2014.

Lynn – It is Also reported that in June, 2014, David’s son, Dr. Richard Rockefeller, died in a plane crash near his father’s estate.  But Ben Fulford wrote a while back that Richard Rockefeller faked his death and in truth, he fled to an underground base in South America. Can you fill us in on what you know about Rockefeller?

COBRA – So you’re now speaking about the son, (Yes). Yes, he actually went to that base but he’s no longer there. He has been captured.

Too bad he hadn’t died too, but it is good that he is captured and out of the picture. The entire Rockefeller clan needs to be dismantled!!!

Cobra also confirmed something I have known all along…that Antarctica is NOT Atlantis!

I would say that too much focus is now put upon Antarctica. It is not the main exo-political issue right now on this planet. But simply one of the places where things are happening and Antarctica is NOT Atlantis. I need to say that. Antarctica does have many ancient ruins that have been discovered as well as in some other places around the planet and all those places will be revealed after The Event. The Cabal will not be able to use those discoveries to divert attention from their crimes. That’s not going to happen.

I totally agree that too much focus is being put on Antarctica these days, and this is what the Cabal want. It is a false flag, and although the ancient ruins are significant, they are not part of Atlantis. I’ve heard the theory about how the earth was tilted differently back then, so that now it’s located at the South Pole, but I know for a fact that it existed in the Atlantic Ocean. I had a lifetime there! I remember where it was, and actually, Greenland and Iceland are what remains of this huge continent. Yes, the earth was arranged differently, and actually, America wasn’t as large, and was closer to Asia than it is now. The Great Flood really changed the coastlines of all the major continents!

If when the story comes out about Antarctica and we are told that not only is it Atlantis, but do not mention about giant mummies found, and the 3 motherships aren’t revealed, you know that it is the Cabal’s attempt at partial disclosure. Don’t be fooled people!

I am somewhat reassured that Cobra is confident that AI is not the threat that it seems to be. Although…he also claims Elon Musk is working with the Light, and Musk is heavily invested in AI. 😦

A.I. is not as powerful as people are afraid of because human mind is always stronger because human mind coupled with connection with the source can out maneuver all actions of artificial intelligence (A.I.)

We do know that the Dark wants to implement AI and coopt the human race, and that this is what happened to Mars. So…I really hope he is right here.

I also sincerely hope that he is right about the Yaldabaoth octopus thingie being almost gone…it’s head is dissolving away. I will continue to throw white light at the damn thing. At least the tentacles are gone, which helps to eliminate a lot of its reach.

Aaron – Next question is: How near complete destruction is the Yaldabaoth?

COBRA – I would say much near there than any time in the past. I would say that the tentacles or the plasma filaments of that entity have been removed completely and the head is in the beginning stages of its dissolution.

Aaron – Can you comment on what if anything we expect in the way of obstacles yet to overcome?

COBRA – As I have said, the plan is to remove the remaining plasma anomaly and toplet bombs that are associated with this and then trigger The Event. So this is basically the plan and it is being carried out. (ok, thank you)

Of course the plasma anomaly is the Yaldabaoth entity, and the toplet bombs are what this entity uses to keep the surface population hostage. This is where the positive ETs are helping out…this plasma anomaly is on another plane of existence. I guess Cobra plans on informing us how to create an Ascension Column to help with clearing the head of this octopus thingie from our space in a future post. I will definitely be keeping my eye open for that, since I want this thing gone too!

I certainly hope that Cobra is right about the toxicity of the world’s oceans…that whole Fukushima nuclear nightmare is hopefully just that…a really bad dream that we can overcome! I am still keeping Fukushima in my nightly prayers, that this will be cleaned up.

 There is not as much radiation in the ocean as most people are informed . . . or
mis-informed. (ok)

There have been reports of dangerously high radiation readings that have melted robots within 2 hours! According to Cobra, these are disinformation stories. Please God, let him be right!

COBRA – As I’ve said many times, there is no excessive radiation coming from Fukushima that goes beyond a very limited area beyond the reactor itself. So I would say if you are living more than 10 or 20 miles away from the reactor you are safe and everything else is just dis-information. I have contact with people who are making exact measurements with Geiger counters and they were not detecting excessive radiation quite close to Fukushima.

Aaron – Do the Galactics have anything to do with lessening the radiation?

COBRA – They are doing that in many cases, not just in Fukushima case. There were many more serious nuclear disasters in the past and they were localized because the Galactic forces have prevented radiation from spilling too far.

I think this may very well be true, for I don’t feel like the radiation is infecting the oceans and harming the sea life to a great extent. Not like they are saying in the news stories. I don’t feel like I need to worry about the fish I eat being contaminated, although I am avoiding anything that comes from the Pacific. But the idea that the positive ETs are helping with this resonates with the idea I have encountered before that the extreme diversity of our world makes Earth precious to the rest of the Universe, and the other races out there are protecting Earth from harm.

Well, this interview was really long, so I’m going to break my analyses and comments regarding the myriad of topics into a couple of posts. So I will stop here. See my other post on the other topics here.