First off, I just want to say I am having my doubts about the veracity of both Cobra and Corey Goode. Maybe it’s just discouragement setting in, but damn! Why isn’t Ascension and the Event of full disclosure happening??? I am getting really sick of hearing that changes are coming, we’re almost there, and then nothing seems to change. Yes, there are things happening on the global stage, positive things, but are they really the result of the Alliances that both these people are claiming to belong to? Corey Goode’s Sphere Being Alliance site has put out some new intel on YouTube recently, from the CLE Expo, and Cobra just did a very long Q&A with Prepare for Change here. Like someone in the comments for Corey noted…where is the proof?? Many said you had to trust your discernment about the intel, but I’m starting to wonder.

I want to believe that we are getting help from higher sources, since the forces we seem to be oppressed by seem so far-reaching. I totally believe there are very negative forces that are keeping this planet and the humans on it in a very downtrodden and slave state. GMOs, vaccines, chemtrails, the whole damn money system is a HUGE mess that I don’t know how we can get out of on our own. I totally believe that there are very Dark forces making these things happen. So…I also have to believe there are very Light forces that are willing to help us overcome these obstacles to health, happiness and the spiritual way. I pray I am not wrong. I pray that these people are not false prophets too. The Dark also works to give us false hope. sigh The problem with believing in prophets is if they don’t deliver, then one must then question whether they are valid prophets.

I think my discernment is good, but I am no longer as certain of it as I once was. But I do find hope in some of their statements, and am trying to keep the faith. With Corey, I do find he doesn’t come across well in person, and I don’t know if it’s that he’s just too nervous in front of large groups because he is an empath, or if it’s a guilt kind of thing. He does an awful lot of gulping, fidgeting, and a lot of other nervous mannerisms that speak of deception, as the body language experts would say. Now, I’m an empath too, and speaking in front of a group would be my least favorite thing to do. So he could just not be comfortable in front of a lot of people. Maybe he doesn’t know how to shield himself from other people’s energies…I dunno. But he doesn’t come across well on videos. I find his written words much more believable for some reason. His body language raises red flags for me. Which do I trust? sigh

This thing with the comic book coming out though…this raises red flags for me too. Like one of the commenters noted, comic books aren’t really accepted forms of art and thus is likely to make the content more susceptible to ridicule. Corey has said that the Blue Avians think it’s a great idea, and that they will reach a totally new audience this way. Currently, they are mostly preaching to the choir. Which is a valid point, but…isn’t this what the Cabal do? Use the fiction medium to do soft disclosures and inflict mind control on people??? I don’t think I like the thinking behind this comic book idea. They are trying to impose the idea of the Blue Avians, the Inner Earth people, the SSP into the common masses so they will readily accept them? I can see the value in reaching a larger audience, but who ultimately is this larger audience? Children? The most suggestible amongst us? To what end? Children don’t have the proper discernment to detect if it’s truth or not. So now I am questioning Corey Goode. sigh

I’ve been having some doubts about Cobra for a while now, and have mentioned that fact a couple of times in other posts. I guess it’s because he too doesn’t provide proof and I feel like a lot of his intel isn’t coming true. Especially since I found this intel from 2014…”COBRA | History of the Earth and Other Notes From 2012 Cobra Conference“. Stillness in the Storm just reposted the transcript today, but reading through it, wow…a lot of stuff has not come to pass. His accuracy is pretty bad to be honest. It’s discouraging that the same things were being said back then that are being said now, 5 years later. sigh.

I tried to google if anyone has debunked him, and I found a couple of sites that weren’t very convincing to be honest. Their arguments were circular and showed a lot of personal bias. But the same could be said for this article I found that addressed if you weren’t sure about Cobra “Still on the Fence about Cobra?” by Rob Potter, who has done a bunch of personal interviews with Cobra. So…he knows the guy personally. Of course, this means he has his own personal bias. I dunno what to think, although I did do a post where Rob interviewed both Cobra and Corey. I compared and contrasted the two, and came to the conclusion in my post that:

It seems that there is a lot of agreement between the two, although a lot is from different perspectives.

The most significant thing though is that both have positive narratives that talk about the Event of Full Disclosure and the ascension of the planet and the humans on it.

So now I’m back on the fence about them both. sigh. I am feeling very cynical and disillusioned any more…what if they are wrong????

Addendum: I've decided that I'm not going to worry about it...that it's really about the message and not the messenger. So I'm going to use my discernment with their messages and not be pulled in by naysayers, trolls and haters. I discuss this viewpoint more here.