After the troubling recanting of the whole Pizzagate phenomenon by Alex Jones last week, I was a little worried that the Cabal had won a minor victory of sorts. Now however, I am really thinking that it was a last ditch attempt to stem the flow of arrests regarding Pedogate.

I did not for one minute believe the apology by Jones was sincere…I believe he was coerced and probably threatened by Alefantis et al. So it is encouraging to hear about the 1500 arrests made so far by Donald Trump. “Mainstream media silent as 1,500 pedophiles arrested in the United States since Trump was elected” is probably not a story you’ve heard much about, but I want to note it so that no one gets discouraged by the seeming lack of activity on the pedophilia front.  Pizzagate is real, although it should more rightly be called Pedogate. That is because this goes way beyond the political sphere in DC and the links to the pizzerias there.

It also turns out that the great Cabal institution of the Church is also rife with pedophilia. That probably doesn’t surprise anyone…there have been stories forever about priests molesting choir boys. Well, it turns out that there is one diocese in Montana that’s having to file for bankruptcy due to 400 cases of child sexual abuse being uncovered. “Hundreds of Pedophilia Charges Filed Against Rural Montana Catholic Church” states:

The Montana church officials HAVE CONFIRMED that the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings will not be able to settle the multitude of lawsuits that have been filed up to this date.  At this time 72 of the pedophilia victims have filed charges against the church.

Wow…this is huge! And this is just one diocese??? You know this goes much deeper than just rural Montana. But it is wonderful that the poor victims are finally feeling secure enough to come out and file charges against their abusers, and are winning the court cases! Such wonderful, encouraging news! This is just more evidence that the Cabal is quickly losing ground, and that Full Disclosure and the Event are soon upon us! I know I need the proof that things are getting better, and this is a great point to showcase this.

It is disgusting that you will not hear this on MSM though. 😦 But it just goes to show that despite not hearing any news does not mean that nothing is happening. I know I need to remember this, because it can be hard not to get discouraged. Being the singular lightworker in my community is difficult, and I guess my faith flounders at times.

But I have decided to write about this now, despite this story being earlier in the week. I actually started this post then, but had problems with my computer crashing, and then felt discouraged by the topic to revisit it. But it is a positive story, and this is a reminder that we don’t always hear the whole story. It also relates to the whole Syrian attack thing too…I’m refusing to get into the fear mongering stories that herald talk of war. My earlier post was about my views on this event, and I still think it is a non-event as such. It is not a prelude to war by any means. But MSM is not going to tell us the truth, and we may not be hearing the truth at all. This doesn’t mean that things aren’t going along as they should be, and that positive outcomes aren’t in the offing.

So…I’m going to keep the faith, and keep praying for pedophilia and war to end!