I must say, my first knee-jerk reaction to the bombing of Syria was a totally confused disbelief. No way would Trump do something this stupid! It must have been someone else who gave the order and Trump was forced to go along with it. This was Jordan Sather’s first take too, as evidenced in this video here. I like Jordan, and he’s very thorough and awake for someone so young. It is very encouraging to see! But his reasoning was very similar to mine.

After all, Trump was very adamant back in 2013 about not engaging in a war with Syria, as outlined in this article “Why Did the U.S. Really Strike Syria? What You’re Not Being Told“. And Rex Tillerson just made comments to the effect that the US would stay out of Syrian business and let the Syrians deal with their elected leader Assad, what last week? I have to agree with the article when it queries:

It is hard to make sense of the recent series of events. Essentially, the mainstream media’s narrative is that just days after the U.S. announced it was seriously considering leaving Assad alone, Assad decided to commit political suicide by conducting a chemical weapons attack against civilians, one that would have certainly drawn international condemnation and a possible war with the American military. Why would he do that?

Something doesn’t add up.

Understatement of the year so far! Wow…something else is going on here! I think it is way more complicated than the obvious facts. The article does point out that Mike Flynn was in talks with Russia to deal with the terrorists issue, which got him fired and replaced by General McMaster, who they characterized as a “staunch cold warrior”. They point out a few rather chilling facts about McMaster:

Since his appointment, McMaster has been incredibly busy. He reportedly ousted Stephen Bannon from the Trump administration just days ago. Most importantly, however, McMaster was the one who actually briefed Trump on the military proposal to strike Syria.

Let that sink in for a moment. Would Flynn have made these same proposals to directly attack a Russian ally?

Actually, that was my thought too. I had a foreboding thought that Flynn was sacrificed for a Cabal member who would ill advise Trump on war matters. I certainly hope this is not true!!

They also note that this decision to attack Syria came while Trump was meeting with China’s president, and strangely, only hours after Hillary Clinton suggested it at a Women’s meeting. The first part could mean that it was a chess move, and a message to intimidate either China, North Korea or Russia. Probably North Korea in my opinion. I have to agree with the article when they say:

 In that context, Trump’s decision to strike Syria may not have been just about Syria. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, only 23 of the 59 missiles launched actually struck their target in what Russia perceived as an inefficient and “poor” strike. Since the attack occurred, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also stated that U.S. policy remains unchanged, highlighting the fact that this may have been a one-time strike.

God, I certainly hope so! And I do think so…I do not feel like this is the beginning of WW3 or any other kind of war-mongering fear porn. According to Cobra, Russia is on the side of the Light and has benevolent ET guidance on how to avoid war, including anti-missile and nuclear deactivating armament. I really don’t believe it will start a war with Russia. I saw a body language expert assess the Russian military video on this and they were very relaxed and laid back about it all. Besides, John Podesta’s own email on Wikileaks with Edgar Mitchell had Mitchell remind him that the ETs would not allow nuclear weapons or an outright global war, either on earth or in space. I know that nuclear weapons have been disabled numerous times, most recently on poor stupid Kim Jong Un (see my post here). But I think Trump isn’t stupid and would agree with Putin that nuclear war is not an option. So I think any talk of WW3 should not even be entertained as a possibility.

No, that is not Trump’s objective IMO. It may be the Cabal’s though. I really don’t like the way that the libtards in Congress, MSM and other globalists are salivating over this event. Wow…what the hell is wrong with Brian Williams???? There is NOTHING beautiful about missiles!!! bleah There is a great article here that goes into a lot of the MSM glorifying of this overt attack. I’ve even heard that some are saying that Trump is finally their President. Idiots. bleah. And of course John McCain and his cronies are ecstatic…nasty war-mongers! 😦 McCain was saying right off the bat upon hearing about the chemical attack that we should bomb them. This also makes me wonder if he wasn’t the one to make that call to attack behind Trump’s back. Although some are saying that Trump went ahead with this strike without congressional approval and thus could be impeached, it would seem to me that this will not happen since the Liberals are so gosh darn happy about the whole event! We have fallen down the rabbit hole when the Liberals and Trump are on the same page on anything! bleah.

Can that even be??? I don’t really think so. If Trump did decide to order this attack on Syria, I think there must be a different scenario going on. And I think Trump is smarter than the stupid Liberals and is just playing along with the “accepted” narrative. I dunno, but his speech condemning the chemical attack and Assad was a little over the top emotional, and yet body analysis of the speech shows him to be a little lack luster and with some deception going on. Either the speech was false about him giving the order and he was told what to say, or he’s giving a false narrative to his detractors. That speech just didn’t sit well with me, and something else is going on here.

Jordan Sather again has made another video with an alternative scenario to explain what is going on, which is also highly plausible. “Plausible/Possible/Probable Syria Scenario #2…” In this case, he suggests that the targets weren’t Assad and his airfields, but instead something else, like maybe terrorist/ISIS strongholds? It seems that Russia was warned ahead of time about the attack so that they could get out and casualties could be minimal. It’s also strange that only 29 of the 59 Tomahawk missiles actually hit that airfield…what happened to all the others? And there was minimal damage done…the Russian military characterized the strike as “highly ineffective”.

This leads me to wonder what were the true targets? I cannot believe that they didn’t hit somewhere. We would have heard about innocent lives lost in random towns and villages if they had. But if they hit terrorist locations, we wouldn’t hear anything about what got hit. They had to make it look good for the international stage by maintaining the narrative and actually bombing the place they said they would, but since minimal damage was done there, it’s obvious this wasn’t the focus of the attack.

I really don’t know which scenario to believe. Did the Cabal force Trump’s hand and initiated the attack on Assad in an attempt to retake Syria, or did Trump engage in a covert operation to take out terrorists who were the real purveyors of the chemical attack? I think I’m inclined towards the last option. We do know that Assad is not the real culprit of those chemical attacks, and all the evidence is pointing that it was a false flag. It just doesn’t make sense that Assad would harm his own people when he was in talks for peace. There is evidence that the chemical attack wasn’t even really Sarin, for the “White Helmets” and other aid workers did not even wear protective clothing or gloves! And hosing down people who have Sarin on them will do nothing…it does not come off easily or with water! And there’s that horrible video showing a doctor “saving” a little child by injecting him in the heart with a long syringe…without pressing down and any fluid in the container going in. I have also read that the “dead victims” were actually already killed from a kidnapping that happened last week. I dunno, but there is good evidence that the chemical attack wasn’t real.

So…could this whole thing be a case of a double false flag? The chemical attack was a false flag, and Trump’s strike was a false flag too?