On Monday, I went with my sister to a tea leaf reading at this really cool tea house. They have over 200 kinds of loose tea…an amazing selection! The ladies there were wonderful too…there was the woman who did the readings and another homeopathic type woman who was able to recommend a skullcap tea for my sinus headache. Yes, it did work, the pain was eased although the pressure remained. She said we probably should have used a blend to address both problems, but to be fair, I didn’t mention about the sinus pressure, only that I had a bad headache.

In any case, after watching my sister’s full reading ($60!), I was so impressed with this psychic that I was prompted to get a mini reading for $30. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea, since I am now short $11 to pay my utility bill. sigh. But she gave me some very interesting intel. I have a hard time with getting info from a psychic; I am hard to read. I think it’s because I have myself so highly shielded that people can’t get in. Why am I so strongly shielded? Well…I am not only an empath, but also a Lightworker, and have had troubles with a personal demon back when I was young. But the way I felt prompted to go ahead and get a mini reading seemed like the Universe had something it wanted to tell me. LOL

The first thing she said was she saw a witch on a broom, and asked me if I was a witch. Well, not really, since I’m not really into ritual magick, but I consider myself an agnostic, eclectic pagan. Hey…the two main deities I deal with are Orishas! LOL And Chango and Oya both chose me! They appeared in my dreams and started working with me. But I don’t treat them as deities, despite my altars to them. I consider them more spirit guides and ascended masters. Anyhoo…

She then asked if I had a Book of Shadows, and she was being told that I should start writing in it again. Yes, I have lost interest in it after starting it about a year or so ago. Actually, I consider mine more a grimoire, since BOS’s tend to be Wiccan. I have a few rituals in it, that to be honest I don’t really resonate with. I know I should just do up my own, if any. But the psychic was really adamant that I should start up with it again. So this is what I want to write this post about.

I actually have 2 books…my Grimoire which is more ritualistic in that it has a fancy format and meant to be a serious tome. My other book I call my Occult Codex, which is actually where I have gotten the entries in my category at the top that is also called Occult Codex. My Occult Codex is more of an esoteric, metaphysical journal of my personal musings. It is strictly text based and hand written. It’s kinda messy, since I often write in it during the middle of the night after a meditation or just while laying there pondering questions of the universe. LOL I usually am writing fast and using only a flashlight. Makes for really messy writing. sigh.

But the Grimoire I guess is the book that the psychic was referring to as the Book of Shadows. I’m not really sure the difference to be honest, and looking up definitions hasn’t really helped. Everyone has their own interpretations to be honest. So I am going to assume that it is my grimoire I should get back to working on.

Well, I got to thinking I should look up what other witches’ grimoires and BOSs look like…yikes, I think that was a mistake! Omigod…people have some gorgeous ones out there! Soooo intimidating! These people aren’t always the best artists, but damn, they are amazingly creative and artistic! Mine looks like crap. sigh. I don’t have a lot in it, because I’m not really sure what to put in it. I am not a ritual type person, although I will make up crystal grids. I’m more a meditation type person to get things done. How do I incorporate that???? I dunno, I’m going to have to rethink my whole grimoire I think. bleah

I did find one amazing woman whose magnificent grimoire I showcased yesterday, and another who had an amazing grimoire that she showcased for the YouTube Pagan Challenge, which is an interesting thing in and of itself. How convenient is it that there are a bunch of witches all showcasing and discussing their grimoires online right now? Synchronicity or what eh??? LOL

Now the one woman who has a great grimoire also has another video on prompts for grimoire entries. 104 and a half of them no less! LOL I think maybe I should use her prompts for my grimoire instead of the standard Witches Rede and Witches Responsibilities, and correspondences, and moon lore, etc that seems to be in most people’s grimoires/BOSs. Here is her 104 and a half prompts video (love her voice and energy too!)

And here is her own grimoire, and her advice on how to go about setting up one. It is really awesome, and although I am inspired, I am also intimidated.

To be honest, I like her better as a brunette. LOL But she has a wonderful quirkiness that I find so refreshing that I’d love to emulate it. However…I am not like this. What to do? How do I incorporate her lovely, quirky style into my more serious, studious approach? sigh. I do love color and imagery too, and actually I love bling, but I don’t know how to incorporate that into my grimoire. Bling especially doesn’t seem the right attitude towards witchcraft IMO. Maybe I need to rethink my attitude…right? 😉

Yeah, I’m rambling here, because I don’t know how to go about revamping both my interest in my pagan leanings and my grimoire. I do realize that the reason that I don’t use my grimoire is because it doesn’t speak to me as it exists now. And I’m very much at a loss at how to rekindle my interest and revamp my grimoire so it is useful to me. sigh. Back to the drawing board I guess. Good thing my Grimoire is a binder! heh heh I think I need different paper than just the cheap lined paper though. Trying to paint anything on this paper makes it crinkle and deform. bleah. I really can’t afford to buy supplies though…and I still have a lot of my craft supplies boxed up from my move back in November. I don’t have anywhere to put them. And that is a chore in and of itself that I don’t feel like tackling. sigh.

Okay universe, you want me to work on my grimoire again…I need some energy and motivation here please!!!! Thank you in advance. 🙂

Addendum: It's now early July and both my Grimoire and Book of Shadows are fully fleshed out, although hardly complete. I've just been jotting down my base of knowledge on all things esoteric into them, and I have found lots to talk about! LOL I've also discovered I'm more witchy than I realized too! Now, I'm getting into crystal divination and tarot, which begs new journals too, and new knowledge. I discovered I'm more an encyclopedic journal writer, not an artistic journal writer. This has helped to ignite my passion for this aspect of my spiritual journey. It's important to get clear on what you want and need from a grimoire or occult journal before you embark on creating them.