I was just watching one of my favorite YouTube channelers, Andrew Martin, and he just did a live stream where he talked about the chakras collapsing. This is the first time I have heard about this. There is some talk about an additional 5 chakras developing, leading to a 12 chakra system that I have discussed at length before. There is little congruence amongst the various New Age systems, with everyone having their own ideas of which new ones have come online. I don’t agree with a lot of them, and you can see this post here for my view. However, I do have a few posts outlining my intuitive understanding of the new chakras.

That being said, the idea that perhaps the chakras are collapsing into more cohesive wholes may explain some of the confusion. Thinking of them as collapsing into 3 chakra zones makes some sense IMO. Andrew claims that Tai Chi and this David Manning guy believe that the chakras have become the lower body zone, the central heart zone, and the head zone. It is part of the Dantian system. As Andrew states, and I’m paraphrasing from the video:

Our light bodies are expanding and we no longer need the old partition system (of the 7 chakra system).

He explains it better, starting at around the 18:00 minute mark.

This is kinda resonating with me, in the sense that it becomes easier to deal with all these chakras. For instance, I have been having a terrible time trying to figure out how the energy that I draw in from the Universe into my crown chakra is distributed through the pineal, pituitary, well of dreams and throat chakras. There is not a smooth pathway between these chakras. How am I supposed to channel Source energy??? I have been using kinda like a huge light channel that encompasses my whole head, so that it finds its own channel, or alternately, hits them all. I dunno to be honest…it’s an intuitive thing I’m doing! LOL But that idea that they have actually collapsed into a single zone makes a sort of sense for the head chakras IMO.

It also kinda helps with the heart chakra, higher heart or thymus chakra, and the diaphragm chakra. The heart chakra is green energy, the higher heart is pink, and the diaphragm chakra is a yellow green. In my mind, these are all kinda interrelated. It seems to me, in a practical sense, that a lot of the crystals and stones that have been traditionally assigned to work with the heart chakra can now be apportioned out to these new chakras. But…I have to ask myself: is it really that the crystals were working on the heart chakra when used in that capacity, or were they really working on these other chakras? I think it gets complicated if you try to figure that out, whereas this idea that the central chakras have collapsed simplifies it all.

I dunno what to think…I guess it’s time to do more research! 😀