I have to admit that I have been feeling really suckerpunched by the events of the last week or so, what with the surprise chemical attack in Syria and Trump’s subsequent strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles (of which only 23 actually hit that abandoned air field) and the totally out of left field attack on Afghani caves. What the hell is going on? Now North Korea is sabre rattling as they say, putting on that huge Day of the Sun parade showcasing all their military might and threatening to drop nuclear weapons at the slightest provocation. And the MSM and even most alternative news sites are rife with hysterical proclamations of WW3.

Through it all, I FEEL like this is not coming to any of the foregone conclusions. I do not believe we are headed for war, and that there will be no nuclear bombing going on. I am confident that the nuclear war aspect will not happen, for I know that the benevolent ETs will not allow it (see my post here). I also just read that Kim Jong Un’s latest missile testing was “presumed to fail” yet again, as showcased in this video here. Wow…you’d think he’d just give it up already. LOL. He will never succeed…it won’t be allowed by not just the ETs, but I know that Russia has advanced weapons that can deactivate most weapons systems, and probably the US does too. The positive ETs are making sure that it doesn’t happen. Earth is just too valuable and diverse an ecosystem to let be annihilated by petty little dictators.

Addendum: here is another video that actually elaborates on the US's ability to take out the North Korean missiles in "left of launch" cyber attacks. This just verifies that there is technology out there to dismantle any nuclear threat. *huge sigh of relief*

Anyway, I just watched an excellent presentation and analysis by a favorite YouTuber, Jordan Sather. Wow…this guy is so on the ball! This video of his is wonderful and upbeat. He reminds us that our thoughts create our reality, and we need to be more positive in our thinking right now. I totally concur, and love his analysis that explains why there is hope. Please watch his wonderful video here:

I think he is totally right here…that there is a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes that is being hidden from us by all the smoke and mirrors stuff going on in the MSM news and ostensibly on the global front. I do think that they are actually taking out ISIS and other terrorist/Cabal sites. All this other stuff is double speak and dissimulation to confuse the Cabal/neocons.

Now I also found an interesting article by Dr. Michael Salla of Exopolitics, who has been having a lot of face time with Corey Goode. They share a bunch of whistleblowers and intel from alternative sources within the secretive Space and military establishments. He wrote a very interesting article entitled “Is Pentagon using MOAB bombs against Giants hidden in Afghanistan?” Dr. Salla connects other dots than Jordan does, but kinda extends the narrative on a whole other level.

He states that the reason that the caves of Afghanistan were bombed was to clear them of ancient giants who are coming out of stasis now. They were found in the Antarctic, although there could very well be some hidden in the mountains and caves of the Middle East all along too. There is a large negative portal in the Middle East that allowed many negative ETs to infiltrate our world, and I believe this is the real reason why the Middle East has always had such a harsh and violent history. Dr. Salla states:

On April 12, the U.S. Air Force dropped the largest conventional bomb in the Pentagon’s arsenal to flush out Islamic State terrorists according to official Pentagon reports. However, insider testimony suggests another reason for the use of the MOAB bomb. The undisclosed goal is to flush out, capture or destroy giants hiding in Afghanistan’s ancient cavern system who possess technological secrets going back to the origins of human civilization.

He goes on to explain the significance of the MOAB bomb (relates to a biblical passage about the destruction of giants):

the descendants of Moab destroyed the giants in the land that the Moabites wanted to settle. Now, the Pentagon just used a bomb called MOAB, allegedly to destroy giants hiding in Afghanistan’s cavern system, if Quayle and other sources are correct. This does not appear to be a mere coincidence.

Hmmm…I don’t know what to think to be honest. Could it be? I read somewhere (I don’t think in this article though), that the giants that were in stasis were the Nephilim of the bible, and were actually the war like survivors of Mars. They were put in stasis to be awakened at the end times. Which is where we are now. The end times of the old way, and the ushering in of a New Age of Ascension. The end of the Precession of Equinoxes and the 26,000 years cycle. Who knows what the truth is, but interpreting the Bible in regards to current events is always a fascinating study.

Definitely something else is going on behind the scenes though, because I know I am not alone in wondering what the hell Trump is doing with these bombings, what Kim Jong Un is doing, what is Russia and Assad and even China doing??? These events seem not only out of character, but out of sync with what I feel the positive Alliance that Trump and Putin and Assad are part of. None of it makes sense and seems to have come out of nowhere. Something else is going on. I just pray it is for our best interests!!! I pray that innocents are not harmed and that it is not in vain. I am very busy sending out love and light to all the characters I am aware of in this high drama!