Well, I have been doing a lot of research on not just Grimoires and Books of Shadows, and Book of Mirrors and Books of Light, etc, etc, but also on the topics that seem to consistently come up to include in them. Now I have lots of stuff to write about! LOL And I’ve discovered this is my niche. Despite the fact that I just LOVE those fancy artsy Grimoires and BOSs, this is not the route I am being called to follow. Not that I’m not artsy…I am very creative and artistic. But I am not feeling it for my Grimoire. Why not?

I would need different paper to begin with. I mentioned in my other post that the plain lined paper does not take paint well, or glue either. It warps the paper. I would need a regular art journal, or at least a journal with parchment paper in it. I can’t use the fine tip markers with the plain ruled paper either, but I know myself well enough that I am no good at writing a straight line, even with lined paper! LOL I could never keep my writing neat in one of those journals. I need lined paper.

I also know myself well enough that I know I need a binder so I can change things around. For two reasons: one, I always have more to say on any topic so I need to add more pages, and two, I just constantly change my mind on things and what is important to me. There are stuff I am now putting in the back of the book because they no longer speak to me, but the information may become pertinent again at a later date. Like moon data, and the spells. I am not a ritual magick person…I have neither the patience nor the desire to do spells. I’ve said it before: I manifest through meditation and inner work. Spells always seem kinda silly to me, speaking in sing-song rhymes, and speaking chants or incantations out loud make me feel silly to be honest. I don’t feel I need them for one thing…I am very effective with the visualizations that I do with my meditations.

Of course, this doesn’t really translate well into a Grimoire though. But the knowledge base I have does. I have been researching and studying magic, psychic abilities, pagan things, New Age things since the 1980s. I have studied astrology to the point where I am a pseudo-expert. I have tons of crystals and crystal knowledge that I have gleaned over this same time period. When something interests me, I research it to death. So I know lots of stuff to put in a grimoire. LOL

So I have been writing, a lot, these past few days. Doing research online to flesh out some stuff, and writing it down first in a little notebook, then transcribing it better in my grimoire. It is now starting to flesh out quite nicely. I am pleased. 😀 I have also decided to write the grimoire out as if it will be passed on to my niece.

I have a niece I am very close to who I suspect will one day express an interest in this sort of thing, because she already sorta does. I babysat her a lot when she was much younger, but she’s a teen now and more interested in teen things. I think. We no longer live in the same city, so I do not see her much any more. 😥 But we used to go for walks in the park by my house and look for devas in the wooded areas, and I would talk to her about magick and other New Age concepts. She was always so very receptive, as children usually are. I am certain she remembers our time together as fondly as I do, so I am hoping that one day I can pass this knowledge down to her. This has given me a new focus for the grimoire too.

Another thing I have decided on that has helped me break through my stuck energy on this project is a simple decision to forgo the concept of perfection. The 2017 YouTube Pagan Challenge videos have really helped to make me aware that this was holding me back…it is one of the challenge questions of how to overcome the idea of perfection for your grimoire. Most people just accept that it isn’t going to be perfect but that’s okay…the book is for their own benefit and most people are never going to see it. They also recognize that you can always cover over mistakes…gesso over areas in art journals, or paste over with new pieces of paper, or images, or whatever. Wow…some really creative people out there! I’m so impressed by what others have done! Very inspirational. I have now moved past the overwhelmed and intimidated stage. LOL

What also clicked in for me was the number of people who showcased beautiful grimoires that they bought, with homemade paper and fancy covers, but have nothing in them because the whole not wanting to make a mess of it with mistakes is holding them back. I saw the futility in that, and saw that they usually wound up using a binder or even a simple composition book for their “grimoire”, although they usually called them workbooks or spell books. This made me realize that my fancy binder is actually a great choice after all! I also have another binder that I call an Occult Codex that is more like a metaphysical journal of musings, and I keep both books inside this cool box that I covered with this nice MacTac and decorated up fancy. So there is the fancy artsy stuff. LOL

Although to be honest, I am really tempted to do up a shaker page for a cover page in my grimoire. Like the one in my header. 😉 Hey…bling makes me happy! I’m using little rhinestones for bullets on the pages…an artistic concession I can live with and the paper doesn’t mind! LOL