I have been looking for intel from David Wilcock on all this craziness going on lately! I am very pleased that he is saying the same things I am thinking and feeling…I don’t feel that the Cabal is going to start WW3, and that there are important positive things going on behind the scenes. Although it seems like random attacks (at least to me), I really feel that the US strikes are targeting ISIS, terrorists, the Cabal. It is more a final purging rather than the start of something bad.


David Wilcock has made an appearance after what seems to be a short break from posting anything online in a while. I will post his comments below:

Comment 1) The intel I am receiving from various trusted sources, FWIW, is that the Alliance is behind the latest precision military strikes and they do have a positive purpose.

It is important to remember that the majority of this administration is Alliance personnel. The Cabal is not in charge of what is happening. They may throw some curve balls in the mix but by no means are they running the show. Nor could the president start making autonomous decisions when it comes to the military.

The Cabal seems to have been behind the CW attack in Syria, and the Alliance had to swiftly respond to that one. The type of things that we are hearing from one or more of the…

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