I think I hurt my piece of moldavite’s feelings.

This morning I woke early and did some stream of consciousness writing on the moon (still an issue for me sigh), but then decided to go back to bed to meditate on some issues that surfaced. I wanted to connect to Gaia to ask her opinion on the moon, so I decided to use my Dotsero diamond stone to help me ground and connect with her. I also took out my little piece of moldavite, thinking that perhaps I could connect to cosmic intelligence or something, also to ask about the moon. But then I got to thinking that I never really seem to connect to the moldavite, and I never seem to get that rush of energy from it that so many people talk about (see this post for example). So many say it heats up, and the energy rush is overwhelming. I got to thinking that maybe I need a bigger piece to get that effect…mine is maybe half an inch in length. I also got to thinking that maybe the fact that it is probably a meteorite from a different part of the universe than my own homeworld was part of the trouble with not connecting with it.

Well, I did my meditation with the Dotsero diamond, but wound up falling back to sleep. When I woke, I reached up to grab my glasses off the night table and knocked over the little container I keep the moldavite in. The container broke and the moldavite went…I dunno where! I looked everywhere: under the bed, under the nightstand, even under the baseboards (there’s a little gap there). I checked inside the wheel of the bed frame, and the tray of stones I keep under there for grounding when my feet get too hot during the night. I checked under the rug even! I don’t know where it could have gone! Gee…I wonder if I hurt its feelings???? Maybe it left me because it felt I didn’t want or appreciate it? Maybe it’s jealous of my relationship with the Dotsero diamond? I’m really kinda bummed about this to be honest! :/

Addendum: I have learned that moldavite seems to have a tendency on disappearing on people a lot. There are even YouTube videos online that address this. See these videos "The Moldavite Experience: Why Moldavite Disappears!!" and "Moldavite - How Does It Vanish?"

The picture in the header is an actual image of both my moldavite and my Dotsero diamond stone. The larger stone at the top is my Dotsero diamond, which is a piece of reddish basalt with a small quartz crystal embedded in it. The two pieces at the bottom are the moldavite…the one on the right is my piece. The stones are shown compared to a penny. So you can see how tiny the moldavite is. Moldavite is very expensive…that little piece was $13! I think I was lucky to get that little piece considering how expensive and rare it is. Now it’s missing. sigh. I hope it comes back to me…I will be nicer to it from now on! 🙂

Addendum: Yes, it did come back! I found it again almost a month later, after I was doing some research on stones and found that rhodochrosite, combined with moldavite, was very effective at dealing with Inner Child issues. Well, I knew I had a pressing Inner Child issue I wanted to resolve, so I essentially asked the moldavite to please come back. And it did, the very next morning! LOL See my post here.