Checking out that cool site that I just got the info about today’s Wave X energy wave, I found an interesting article related to the 4/2 entry they alluded to in their article I posted about here. The site is called Schrodinger’s Other Cat, and it’s very esoteric like mine. There seems to be multiple admins who are psychic and talk about their dreams and meditations on things like Ascension. Now Schrodinger is the father of quantum physics, and my favorite quote from him is this:

At the sub-atomic level, there is no-thing there.

I find this profound. The fact that when they looked inside the center of an atom, which is the center of a molecule, which is what everything is made of, they didn’t find anything. We are made of nothing. Yup, profound. 😉 Yup, I’m a geek, an esoteric geek. LOL BTW…that’s Ezekiel’s wheel in the header…it was a brobdingnagian wheel too.

So that is a cool name for their blog, Schrodinger’s Other Cat, and of course the cat reference, and continued cat references, caught my attention too. I am a cat lover and have 3 currently. I have taken care of feral cats and am a champion for cats (black cats are not bad luck!!!). In any case, I am finding other cool things on their blog.

Getting back to the 4/2 energy event, I found this article “Day 1: 42!” which was rather cryptic and had a lot of graphs and things. They reference this 40/40 thing that I had to look up too:

Hmm… the end of the 40/40 ends on 42 (4/2) just as the sun starts waking up. Huh. Fresh programming inbound!

Well, it turns out the 40/40 was a meditational thing they were advocating to counteract all the negative programming going on these days. It was explained in this post here “40 Days & 40 Nights [UPDATED]“. They relate how one of them had this vision in their meditation, and it involves a very big wheel.

In last night’s meditation, I saw this massive THING slide up to us, a big wheel move right up to the earth and the solar system, edge-on. It was gynormous (no fear involved), a… brobdingnagian multidimensional wheel with lots of thick spokes. It’s part of The Event! Lots of ETs have appeared and are investigating it, in awe of it, so it’s not from them! It’s from either SOURCE or the Oversoul.

Okay…the brobdingnagian multidimensional wheel thingie caught my attention. For one thing, what the heck is it? Well, looking it up, I discovered a new word for my intensive vocabulary…brobdingnagian. It means gigantic, huge, immense. Wow…that’s an epic word for humongous, which is my current adjective for tremendously big. I gotta start using brobdingnagian though. LOL 😉 Brob ding nag ian…damn, what a word! It refers back to the country of Brobdingnag, an imaginary country of giants in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (1726). I personally hated Gulliver’s Travels though…stupid book written by a poor sport who didn’t get to be Archbishop of Canterbury and wrote a scathing treatise on human society where he decides it’s better to live with horses. bleah. Still, I’m loving that word! LOL

Getting back to the brobdingnagian multidimensional wheel though…this is a fascinating insight. If this is something real, it’s significance is impactful. I know I have been watching many videos all discussing large discs in our solar system and even showing up next to our sun. There’s plenty of talk about Nibiru, and Planet X, and rogue planets and brown dwarfs in our solar system and about to impact Earth. I wonder if this isn’t what they are referencing. And what exactly are these discs/wheels? How exciting if they are part of the “package” of the events that are leading us to Ascension!

Interestingly, one of the commenters also had a similar dream:

M2, interesting you mention this wheel. You are not the only one.

Also on the 28th November last year I sent you guys an email regarding a dream, here is an excerpt from it, I originally suspected Nibiru but now it could also represent this wheel? :

“I was in a bay area filled with many people on a sunny day. I looked towards the sun which was bright and on the horizon. The next thing was an “ORANGE AND RED PLANET” appeared and gradually went between our planet and the sun. The sun never had a total eclipse but it was not far from one.

The red/orange planet then came closer and became like a huge circular steamer paddle in the water consisting of white and red segments, it edged closer right up to the shoreline, but I did NOT see any panic, or destruction. Then I awoke.”

The admins note

I have also noticed that two other sensitives have had similar dreams/visions. I would say we have officially struck pattern.

Oh yes, I definitely think there is a pattern here. What it means I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it has to do with ascension. Am I a little obsessed with ascension…sure! It better damn well be happening soon! LOL If talking about it, and thinking about it, and meditating on it makes it happen sooner, I’m doing it!!!