This is the first I have heard about a new wave of energy coming in today, April 19th, 2017. But I guess it’s supposed to be a huge one from sunspot AR2644. This post “Big Wave Inbound?” goes into more detail, and outlines a tsunami dream that they had.

Now, I thought these huge energy waves came from the galactic core, but what do I know? LOL What makes an energy wave a Wave X and not just a gamma ray burst or solar winds activity, or a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)? All these cosmic energy events can bombard us, since we are electromagnetic beings ourselves. I think a lot of them are changing our DNAs, although I think that is what is supposed to be the main feature of a Wave X event.

In any case, they explain their tsunami dream where a 20,000 ft wave fractures into droplets of water and it rains down on all of California that they could see from an elevated position. They explain the dream thusly:

Note that the following has to do with ENERGY. I asked my guides and they said that this massive Wave X influx of energy was coming 4/19. This is NOT The Event, but is a significant — and unstoppable — energy influx. It was gynormous in the dream, so how can The Event be any bigger?? No idea. The PTW cannot stop this energy. Nothing could. I expect it to be more dramatic than the 4/2 energy event.

I must say, I am not feeling this yet. I felt the other Wave Xs (well, two of them anyway), which were after the facts. Maybe I’ll look back and realize that I felt this one too? I dunno, but so far all I have is some ringing in the ear (par for the course though). I am in an altered state of consciousness right now though, which does happen periodically. I enter altered states easily enough. I credit the fact that I have been meditating for over 40 years and have active kundalini for this. Maybe the reason I’m in an altered state is because of this energy? Hmmm…

Yeah, this is not The Event definitely…ummm, I think we’d all KNOW if something that momentous was happening! It is encouraging to think that this huge wave cannot be stopped by the negative entities that are currently gridding our planet to stop Ascension. I am also curious about the supposed event on 4/2…I don’t recall hearing about anything happening then either. Dramatic energy event? Ummm…why aren’t other sensitives feeling this and talking about it? I have not heard anything at all about it in the New Age communities I frequent. Although…I do seem to recall looking for energy updates at the beginning of the month. I was feeling something and was looking at the Schumann Resonance and checking the energy updates by a few of my fave psychic channelers. Nothing was said. Hmmm…checking the Schumann Resonance for that day shows this:


which is insignificant considering the previous couple of days. Ummm…April 2nd was pretty standard actually. What is significant though is that the Russian site that I got these graphs from was down for a couple of days after this. They didn’t come back up until the 5th. Unfortunately, this site no longer seems to offer historical data, so I have been saving the graphs each day. There is a lot of that intense white activity going on these days though. And the Schumann Resonance has been reported at a steady 8.5 Hz for the last few days. But there’s been a lot of those white spikes lately…this is yesterday’s graph:


Just look at the 16th!!! Yesterday wasn’t that significant though, only a couple of little blips. Wonder what today’s looks like…let’s see…

8.19 WaveXsupposedly

Okay…there’s a big white spike much like on the 17th, although there’s more to go for today. I will have to check it out again tomorrow since it looks like we’re currently going through some white spiking (which is high energy readings from within the Earth). Why am I looking at the Schumann Resonance? Because more importantly than energy influxes coming in, this tells me how it is affecting our Earth, and studies have shown that the SR is reflected in our own brainwave activity. I think it’s worthwhile to know tangentially how our consciousness is doing. We are all electromagnetic beings, including Gaia. We’re on the same wavelength. 🙂

Okay…I think I need to keep my ears and eyes open on this one. There has to be more to this story if it is indeed fact. Hopefully this is a sign that the Event, the Solar Flash, whatever you want to call it, is soon to happen! I have a feeling it might be this year! 😀 I’m not patient enough any longer to wait for the 2018 to 2025 window time frame! LOL