Well, I was talking yesterday about this intel I discovered about a new strong Wave X energy that was supposed to have hit yesterday. The Schumann Resonance did show a big spike and a couple of smaller ones during the day, and surprisingly, Jordan Sather just did an awesome video on just this subject. It explains very well the significance of the Schumann Resonance itself, and maybe puts yesterday’s post in better perspective. What was significant though, is the statement he made that the SR spiked to 90HZ on Sunday the 16th. This is the highest it has ever been measured at! Wow…just wow! That is the SR graph from the 16th in the header. Just a reminder that the Schumann Resonance is traditionally at 7.83 Hz. Note that the blues and greens are more normal ranges, and white is more intense activity. And here is the graph from the 19th again, where I compared it to the one on the 17th.

8.19 WaveXsupposedly

In yesterday’s post, I had noted that the spike for yesterday looked like the spike from Monday…but what happened to Tuesday? There is only one small spike during the day, but it too spiked down past the 40 Hz level. I don’t know what those spikes were officially labeled at, but I am wondering if they weren’t that high again. Note that this Russian site’s graph only goes up to 40 Hz on the side scale there, so all you can tell from the pics is that those spikes continue on well past the 40Hz mark. This all lends credence to the notion that a powerful surge has hit us, albeit well before the 19th.

Also lending credence to the notion that something big is happening right now energy-wise is another video I just watched here. Not only does MrBBB333 explain how energy bombarding the earth has to find release somewhere on earth via earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and such, but he also notes that there was strange seismic activity going on in a province of China. He has been studying these charts for years and has never seen anything like this before. He doesn’t know what it means. I think it means that we are getting closer and closer to the Event. Isn’t it exciting?!?!?! I really recommend you watch this video if you want a more mundane, scientific explanation.

It’s just fascinating how the science is verifying the esoteric principles of ascension. I am excited that science is bearing out that something amazing is happening energetically to our world. And to us. I am fervently praying for ascension to happen this year! Could we be getting that close now??? I am reminded how when I try to look into the future, I seem to be encountering a white wall of sorts around the summer solstice time. I can’t see past the summer (see this post here), which makes me think that something momentous is going to change the timeline so that the future past the summer is totally undeterminable. Please let it be Ascension!!! ❤