I am feeling called to embark on some shadow work, which is the plumbing of the dark aspects of our psyche. In the last little while, I seem to be repeating issues I had thought I had resolved. This warrants further investigation IMO.

Working with the Shadow is a Jungian idea, for he is the one who first postulated the idea that repressed and rejected shards of our personality that the ego doesn’t like, gets relegated into the back recesses of our minds and souls, where they continually try to see the light of day by impinging on our lives in unexpected ways. The way to resolve the problems that crop up in our lives is to explore the Shadow and understand and integrate it.

I have been doing a lot of research in the last few days on this topic, and have found an excellent resource in the YouTube series by Kelly Ann Maddox. She is a fount of information on the subject, and I guess you could call her a shadow worker, as opposed to a light worker. Although she does point out in one of her videos that the two aren’t mutually exclusive…you can only be truly enlightened when you fully embrace all aspects of yourself. I agree…the darkness needs to be illumined by the Light. This makes the idea of shadow work seem like a very worthwhile exercise. Especially when you start getting stuck in repetitive, unproductive, upsetting situations…again. I see this as soul work personally. Loving all parts of Self despite any ego judgements on “less desirable” parts of our psyche. I say psyche and not soul because these shadow aspects are part of the personality and not the spiritual Soul. But an integrated personality is very necessary in this 3D reality, because it will bite you in the butt on your spiritual journey if you haven’t sorted it all out. As I am finding out while working on my grimoire and trying to flesh out my spiritual belief system.

Now I’ve been doing a lot of research on this subject, and journalling on it in my grimoire and occult codex books. Am I procrastinating? Hmmm…yeah, I think I can confirm that I am feeling hesitant to start this deep soul searching stuff. Scared maybe? I dunno…I will have to actually start the journalling session to find out I guess. LOL Is it my ego that says I don’t really need to explore this?

I just found an article that seems to address this and maybe puts it in better perspective:

In one way or another, we are still being told to straighten up and change in order to become “worthy” of heaven, 5D or a new earth. This, is the same bullshit we’ve been fed before.

Stop listening to anyone telling you that there is still something you have to “do” in order to become someone better. You are an infinite expression of love who is right now in human form.

I have to admit, this is part of the reason I feel I need to do this shadow work. Am I approaching it from that ego driven perspective that in order to be a better person I need to do the hard stuff because, as Jung so succinctly said

There is no coming to consciousness without pain ?

Is this truth, or am I still buying into that punitive mindset of the matrix? Yet the author also points out that we must

Decide how you now wish, desire and choose to live.
Contemplate what you are willing to change to get there.
Look honestly at which fear is stopping you from being there right now.
Forge a plan, take action, let go of whatever needs to be released, and move.

This is the purpose and end goal of shadow work. I guess the end result is that this seems to be a way to regain mastery of self by loving all aspects of Self.

This is not a call to ignore what is wrong.  It is, rather, a plea to utilize your authority to maintain and expand what is right.  Perspective is everything. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Yes…this seems to be entreating me to not ignore what is wrong with my thinking and the issues that seem to be coming around to bite me again and again. It just reminds me that the focus is to keep the proper perspective on things while doing this work. I don’t want to delve so deeply into my issues that I am overwhelmed (and I know there are overwhelming issues in there!), but an honest assessment of the issues and the working through of them is important. I am afraid of wallowing in the darkness, but I need to remember that I’m just shining a light in there to illuminate it instead.