Back in 1994, I bought and read a book entitled Playful Magic by Janina Renee, and it started me on my witchy path. I was into it all for a short while, then I lost my job and got badly depressed. The few items I had collected together, along with a very rudimentary grimoire with a few spells and protective prayers, were relegated to a fancy box and kept in the closet. Well, I’ve recently unearthed the stuff, and started a new, more relevant altar. And I got out my Playful Magic book and am reading it yet again. It’s a great book, with a great attitude towards magic!

I was drawn to doing some shadow work because of some issues that have come up recently, but scheduling sessions to sit down and look at these issues and my shadows has not been appealing at all. One out of 4 sessions was actually fruitful. sigh. I guess I really don’t feel like getting into the dark stuff. I don’t feel like crying, or being angry, or frustrated, or scared, etc, etc. The playful magic approach is a lot more appealing to be honest. Am I procrastinating, or even worse, prevaricating? Is there something yucky I don’t want to deal with that needs to be dealt with that I’m avoiding, or is there just nothing bad enough to want to sludge through right now? I have done an awful lot of shadow work over the 54 years I have been alive. Depression and anxiety makes it almost par for the course! I have had plenty of therapy too, so all the main issues have been touched upon before. I really don’t feel like doing it again. sigh

But this playful magic approach has me jazzed, and I’m having fun with it! Isn’t this more important? I’m thinking so…especially right now, with the way the world is so damned crazy and scary. So I think I’ll put the shadow work on the back burner for now. And focus on the important stuff…play. 😉 Like redefining my neighborhood in magical terms. I have lived here in this small town for almost three years now, and I still feel like an outsider, and not welcomed. I think I need to redefine how I see my surroundings, and defining it in playfully magical terms makes me grin hugely! I find myself seeing my neighborhood and the places I pass as I walk to the downtown area in new, magical terms. It makes me smile and even chuckle.

I have cast myself as the good witch Hobbit Queen, since I live in a hobbit hole (a basement apartment), and am a short person at 5 foot 2 inches. My kitties are my hobbit babies, and the sociopathic neighbor is the evil ogress. LMAO The manufacturing plants across the street are troll castles…squat ugly things like their owners. The empty field across the way is the Fairy Field, and the big semi trucks that often park in the abandoned driveway to what once must have been another plant, are metal dragons that sleep in the stone courtyard of the Fairy Field. 😀 I am having a lot of fun with this, and developing a whole scenario that I find vastly amusing! LOL

I think I will play with my Inner Child rather than my Shadow Self. Am I being chicken? Or am I being hedonistic? I prefer to think hedonistic! heh heh I think I’m getting to an age where I can be irreverent if I so wish! It’s a lot more fun too! 😉