Well, there’s  yet another case of mass animal deaths being caused by lightning. Geez, in all the 54 years of my life, I never heard of this until last August when those 300 reindeer in Norway died due to a “lightning strike”(see my post here). This latest story is about 32 cows killed in Missouri, and SecureTeam10 discusses this story, as well as referencing a couple of other mass cow deaths in other places. 20 cows in Texas were killed back at the end of August, 2016, and 19 cows in Zimbabwe were killed in February of this year. These are just a couple of the stories that have been reported since last year. No reports prior to last year. Seems kinda odd, don’t cha think??? Especially since none had burn marks on them, and holes in their stomach. The farmer only heard a single loud crack, and it hadn’t been raining. Hmmmm… 😦

Kinda reminds me of those thunderstorm asthma cases in Australia and Kuwait (see here and here). What the hell is going on with our weather??? When did it turn so weird and deadly? It has been raining so much lately here, and there’s talk of flooding to come, since it’s not supposed to end until the weekend. Wednesday was nice, and in the morning, the sky was clear and blue. Then came the damned jets with their deadly chemtrails…now we have yucky weather (both rain and bad wind). Like spraying us with heavy metals and other inert matter, and not so inert matter (lithium and other chemicals) isn’t enough. What are they doing now? Weaponizing the damn weather to wipe out flocks of cattle and other meat animals? As one of the commenters on the video asked: When will they start taking out humans at outdoor events?

There’s also this video “*Unprecedented HAIL* pounding Earth! | “Knee Deep” | #HAIL” Places have been having hailstorms that last hours, and hail piling up knee deep and even waist deep! Iran and other warm places are getting unprecedented episodes of hail…this doesn’t usually happen to them! I have been in hailstorms before, and they generally don’t last long. I think a half hour or so is the maximum I have seen. I live on the edge of Tornado Alley, and although we rarely get tornadoes, we do get high damaging winds, lots of thunderstorms, and hail. The most hail I’ve seen was back in the 1990s when there was a layer of hailstones that were floating on top of the flooded streets (it was a real heavy, sudden thunderstorm that blew in that day). It kinda looked like snow. I cannot imagine knee deep or waist deep though! That is crazy! Again…WTF is happening to our weather????

And of course there is all this superstorm that has caused a historic flood smashing records that are 100 yrs old. “Millions in path of *Historic Flood* | #superstorm” showcase

I think all these things are very ominous thing…geez, I wish the Solar Flash would happen already!!! bleah