Well, I just had an epiphany of sorts. During my MOTN meditation this morning, I got to thinking about how my new focus on what I call witchy paganism isn’t that different from my previous New Age focus.

I haven’t blogged much the last couple of weeks because I have been working on my Grimoire, Book of Shadows and Occult Codex, logging a tremendous amount of time on YouTube, various blogs and websites, researching witchy stuff. Wow, my books are fleshing out nicely! LOL And my thumb and index finger and that part of my hand is actually sore from writing so much! I must admit, my handwriting is improving though. 🙂 But my poor hand is just not used to holding onto a pen for hours at a time any more. sigh

So I’m going to type here instead! LOL Here’s my Occult Codex entry for last night/this morning:

Occult Codex 05-11-2017

I have discovered while researching witchy paganism that what it is really all about is putting your spiritual beliefs into daily practice. Making the spiritual a practical part of your life. There is a heavy focus on using meditation and visualization to manifest the things you need and want into your life. It sounds a lot like the New Age ideas to be honest. But witches take it further by providing a more practical structure to it all, empowering the individual to act on their environment instead of being acted upon. It is a lot more active way of interacting with both life and spirit. There is a better understanding of the practical aspects of spirit IMO. A whole tradition of dealing with the metaphysical that the New Age community doesn’t have. I think that is why the New Age community is looked upon as so much more woo-hooey and “head in the clouds”. Witches might be just as marginalized, but they get a lot more respect in the form of fear. People instinctively realize that the witch can get things done…New Agers are just talking the talk. There isn’t a practical aspect to their beliefs that integrates that spiritual perspective into daily life.

Rituals and spellwork are discrete steps one can take to manifest the numinous into our lives, of getting what we need and want from God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it. My foray into New Age concepts always seemed much more about abstract knowledge than how to live my life. Don’t get me wrong – I love me my abstract knowledge! LOL I have tons of it! That’s why my blog is called EsotericJenavi. 

But working on my Grimoire, Book of Shadows and Occult Codex has really helped me to organize my beliefs and delineate what is important and practical in my life. And I am discovering that putting my focus on witchy paganism isn’t any different from my New Age perspective on a spiritual level. Nothing has changed in that respect. It has only changed the way I express my spirituality.

This is a very interesting perception, and definitely explains my sudden interest into the witchy pagan aspect I’ve developed. I had not so recently been trying to ground myself in this reality, to enjoy life again and live in the Now rather than in my head, in the clouds. So I immersed myself in alternative media and the whole pro-Trump/anti-Trump debate, getting the “real news” from alternative news sources like InfoWars, Breitbart, Activist Post, etc. But I needed to have a better relationship with my body and interact with the “real world” more. I didn’t know how to do that though.

Thank you God or whomever of my spirit guides who guided me to get that tea leaf reading, even though it made me short on my bills that month and I had to ask for money from my parents. Which also taught me to pay my bills at the beginning of the month so I don’t mistakenly think I have more money to “play” with (the joy of a monthly cheque! sigh)

What led to this realization was that being a witch wasn’t a religion, not like Wicca. There are Christian witches and even Buddhist witches! That last one I think is what brought the realization home. Being a witch isn’t about the spirituality and religion, it’s about doing stuff to interact with your spirituality and religion.

Another really wonderful aspect of being a witch too, is the focus on the positive. There is great emphasis on doing spells with the right focus. You visualize what you want, not what you don’t want. The negative doesn’t serve a purpose in spellwork. It will screw it up every time! Isn’t that a wonderful way to take the focus off the bad stuff and make your life more positive? Because on a very practical level, if you visualize, say on not wanting poverty. and you focus on your misery and lack, then that is what the Universe thinks you want. It sends you what you focus on. If you’re doing a spell for abundance, your spell will never work if you’re focusing on lack.

I am finding that this is exactly what I am needing to help with my depression, my lack of abundance, etc. I already “knew” this from my New Age research, but it’s one thing to know something and another thing to have a practical way to put it into practice. A way that really drives home how the principle works. Definitely positive affirmations are the way to go, but for a spell, the simpler it is, the more effective. It teaches you how to make really effective affirmations. Then there’s sigil making…LOL You don’t hear about that in the New Age community! 😉

Yup…thank you God for having that psychic reader tell me that I needed to focus on my Book of Shadows again. ❤