This is a long rambling post I made after I looked up about Thor for my Grimoire and discovered some interesting correlations to other esoteric knowledge I have. Wow…the ancients weren’t as clueless about the nature of the Universe as we like to think!

Occult Codex 05-08-2017

Well, googling about Thor has led me down some weird rabbit holes! First off, I have to mention that the World Tree sounds like a representation of dimensional levels rather than planets. Which makes Thor what? Not exactly an extraterrestrial – or is he? Does it matter if he comes from a planet named Asgard or a dimension known as Asgard? 

I do know that other dimensional beings live on planets – Jenavi was a non-corporeal 6th dimensional being living on a red planet circling a blue dwarf sun, with 3 moons. Our cities didn’t exist on the physical plane, so humans going there would never find them. Is this what Asgard is? 

Thor was physical at some point though, in order to be seen by Vikings and interacted with on this 3D planet. I personally think he was one of the red-haired giants that Native Americans tell stories of from their past. According to Norse mythology, he is 3/4 part Jotunn. The Jotunn are giants, and the term means “devourer”. The Native Americans say the red-haired giants that terrorized them were cannibals, and had to be eliminated.  Could some of the giants from Jotunheim (the world of the Jotunn) have come to North America, and the Asgardians to northern Europe? I think it’s highly probable. 

Thor vowed to get rid of the Ice Giants, so the giants must have come here to Midgard (our earth), and the Asgardians followed to get rid of them. Is this where the giants that were found in the Antarctic are from? Some say those giants came from Tiamat via Mars. Could the planet that exploded (Tiamat) and became the asteroid belt, have been Jotunheim? 

There are tons of other debris in both the asteroid belt and the rings of Saturn – items made of a space age alloy called transparent aluminum. Could this be the source of the reference to “ice giants”? Tiamat was supposedly a HUGE (brobdingnagian!) Earth-like planet that exploded. According to David Wilcock’s whistleblowers and insiders, there were like 75 foot tall beings that lived there, and they have found 100 ft tall rooms on Mars (Mars was a moon of Tiamat). I am inclined to believe that Tiamat was Jotunheim of Norse mythology. 

Although looking up Jotunheim on the internet, it is described as a place of huge mountains, huge plants and forests, huge animals – and giants, both frost giants and fire giants. (maybe fire giants are the red-heads???) I guess it’s a dark planet, mostly because the forest are so thick and the mountains so tall they block out the sun (our same sun???). The closest it comes to Earth is during the fall equinox. This would correspond to the planet Neptune, which actually comes closest (in conjunction) in the early part of September. The mythology states it has fearsome storms that rage over Jotunheim on a regular basis – Neptune is also the stormiest planet in our solar system. 

I just thought of something – there are nine worlds in the Yggdrasil World Tree, and we have nine planets in our solar system! (even using Tiamat instead of poor little Pluto, which wasn’t even discovered until 1930). Hmmm…wonder if there could be other parallels to other planets in our solar system? Since most of them are inhabitable on a physical level, it would not negate there being non-corporal, other dimensional beings on them.

Maybe Jotunheim isn’t Neptune – supposedly Saturn had the giants, as well as Tiamat. Saturn is the brightest star in the vernal equinox sky, which could mean it was viewed as being closest then. And what about Helheim and Niflheim (the land of ice, fog and mist)? Reading about these two worlds makes them seem more like other dimensions to be honest. The goddess Hel, the daughter of Loki the trickster god, rules Helheim, which she recreated, and recreates, at her whim. It used to be Jormungand, but she renamed it when she took it over, and has endeavored to make it a nicer place for the dead. 

Strangely, I know of a few witches who worship Hel as a dark goddess who rules the underworld, or world of the dead. This lends some credence to the idea that Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is actually a representation of various dimensions. That would make Helheim the astral plane, and I would venture to say these lower levels (Helheim, Niflheim, and Jotunheim), are lower 4D on the astral plane. (Hell is at the lower levels of the astral plane…Hell…Helheim????) Asgard is probably at the 5D level, and we here on Midgard (earth) are at 3D.

Why would I say Asgard is at 5D rather than say at the same level as heaven? Mostly because the “gods” that come from there didn’t seem that different from humans, emotionally/mentally/spiritually-wise. I have heard there is no negativity past the 6D level, so Asgardians (or at least the gods that came here from there), must be at 5D (I don’t believe that there are physical forms at 6D). I can’t believe that a war god (Thor) exists at the 6D level.  

We are supposed to be moving up to 5D with this Ascension process, yet we are to keep our physical bodies? They will be crystalline Light bodies, not dense carbon based bodies though. I know Jenavi at 6D did not have a corporeal body – crystalline or not! She was more like a ghost, but with no lower torso and no internal organs. No need for legs if you don’t walk around on the ground. No need to eat, have babies, etc, etc. Thor was Odin’s son – they had to have been physical! Besides, the tales of these various Norse gods reminds me of the misbehaviours of the Greco-Roman gods. Killing, carousing, fighting, etc is not very high minded IMO. Of course, the tales may have been anthropomorphized and the beings made more human so they were more relatable.  

I dunno, but my guess is that Thor was 3/4 red-haired giant from some planet in the 5th dimension. I think my head hurts. LOL

I think Thor was a strawberry blonde, not a golden blonde. Looking at much older images of this god, and not thinking about Marvel’s version or Chris Hemsworth, he was portrayed with more reddish hair, either auburn or strawberry blonde. This makes it more likely that he was one of those red haired giants that the Native Americans have stories about. It’s sorta like independent verification from different parts of the world.

The whole Norse mythos is an ancient tale of when gods walked amongst us, but their explanations for their presence and who they were and where they came from, is obviously a very different perspective than we have today. But I don’t see it as mutually exclusive…there are some fascinating parallels to other knowledge I have gotten from David Wilcock and even other New Agers.