Well, I had an interesting meditation with this little stone I got from my friend K; it was part of a mystery grab bag of 4 or 5 stones that weren’t labelled. I was trying to look them up, and I really believe this dark navy blue stone is apatite. Mine looks a lot like the one in the extreme left of the picture in the header.

I decided to meditate with it this morning to ask it, and to feel what it’s energy was like. Wow…great little stone! I do believe it is apatite, although it didn’t know whether it was or not. I don’t really think they think like that though. LOL But it did do some talking to me…I had a very fascinating session with it.

My first impression was that it was an Ascension stone…it is just filled with light, just like my howlite. And my ears started ringing…it was bringing in higher energy frequencies. For such a small stone, it packed a wallop. I placed it on my third eye (because it’s supposed to be a throat chakra/third eye stone), and it definitely told me it was for the third eye chakra. It also gave me guidance on an issue I’ve had for a while now…how to visualize light energy coming down from the crown chakra and flowing through the entire chakra system. I do this visualization to help me balance my chakras, imagining energy from Source coming in my crown and down throughout my body, through each of my chakras. Well, the new chakras have thrown a kink in this visualization…the new chakras of the pineal chakra, pituitary chakra and the well of dreams chakra are in different places in the head…not in any kind of straight line. I’ve discussed this before here, and this is the image of the placement of these chakras:


Ignoring the Universal Male & Female chakras, which I don’t believe exist, I have been having troubles imagining the flow of energy from the crown chakra at 11 going to the other ones in the head. Does it flow down to 10, 9, 8? That’s very convoluted if you ask me, and doesn’t feel right to me. And…what about the old third eye chakra at the center of the forehead? What happened to it??? Personally, I don’t think it just went away, although I had thought perhaps it had split up into the pineal and the pituitary chakras. But that still doesn’t feel right IMO.

Well, my little apatite stone told me that the pineal, the pituitary AND the well of dreams chakras are all part of the third eye system. If I imagine the flow going through the third eye chakra, that chakra will “ping” the energy to the new ones. So essentially, I don’t need to change my visualization meditation to balance my chakras! Well, that is a relief, and yes, I guess that’s weird and geeky of me to need to know how to flow energy through my chakra system! LOL Hey…I’m a visualization type of gal! And a “need to know” type of geek too.

Thus, there is a trinity of chakras associated with the Third Eye chakra system. And it is a system, kinda like the heart chakra is a system with the thymus or Higher Heart chakra, and the diaphragm chakra is part of the Solar Plexus chakra system. Interesting how these upper chakras are dividing into finer components to help with the Ascension process. I’m glad the little apatite helped me with further understanding how the new ones fit in. 🙂 ❤