Wow, the Schumann Resonance is making greater and greater strides in reaching amazing spikes of higher consciousness. We recently hit a new all time high of 120 HZ on May 8th! (see the SR graph in the header) That is so amazing, since the last one was just on Easter of this year, as indicated in the SR graph below:

4.16 Easter.hightestever90Hz

We hit 90 Hz on Easter of 2017, which is sooo far beyond the standard 7.83Hz it is supposed to be at. But 120 Hz??? Wow…I am really hoping this means Ascension is right around the corner!

What makes me say this? Well, it is known that our brains resonate to the Schumann Resonance, and it is no stretch of the imagination to think that this is highly significant regarding our own spiritual development. This article investigates this idea too…”Is the Schumann Resonance Rising to Reflect Higher Consciousness?” They explain that this is the same as the ancient idea of “awakening”:

What NASA does not detail is how human consciousness can interact with these frequencies to change them. The Heart Math Institute calls this global coherence, but it is also known in hundreds of ancient texts as the ‘awakening.’

I’ve already discussed the NASA idea of what the Schumann Resonance is here. This is the basic scientific explanation of it. Actually, I have a few articles on the SR; you could say I’m a bit obsessed with it. Check my category list. 😀 But as the article points out, NASA doesn’t explain that meditation can affect the SR, or that

the research suggests that when many people are in peaceful alignment, the resonance changes to reflect that. In other words, we are changing the magnetosphere of the planet with our thoughts and actions. This ‘coherence’ is likely being supported inter-galactically as well.

We must have been in wonderfully peaceful alignment on Easter! LOL Something else interesting they pointed out is the fact that

the amplitude (i.e. intensity) of the Schumann resonance is not constant, and appears to be extremely dependent upon tropical (and hence global) temperature. Indeed preliminary results seem to indicate that a mere one degree increase in temperature seems to be correlated with a doubling of the SR. This could not be more significant, as it is unknown what psychobiological effect these fluctuations could have on humans.

I know I have been watching Mr.MBB333 and his YouTube channel for a while now, and he has become rather hysterical about the abnormally high UV indices that are being recorded where he lives. Here is today’s video. I’ve actually stopped watching him because it’s still only 60F here, so this is a non-issue for us. But I had noted that it is an ongoing problem for his part of the country. Could this be tied to the Schumann Resonance? Is it all tied to Ascension, to the sun’s activity, to maybe a portend of the Solar Flash??? You know I am praying it is!!!