I’ve just read this article “PLANETARY ENERGY UPDATE, AS SPIKES OF HIGH COSMIC ENERGY CONTINUE” that brought the warm fuzzies back, which were decimated earlier as outlined in my last post. See the header for another source of warm fuzzies too! LOL 😉

But getting verification that it’s ascension symptoms really does ease my mind. I already knew that the energies were high…let’s face it, the Schumann Resonance hit 120 Hz the other day (see my post here)!!! But this article helped explain why I am feeling confused and fuzzy on things these days. It also explains the headaches and the damn digestive problems I’ve been having! bleah. So often I am going to bed with nausea and weird tummy gurglings. The article assures me this is to be expected.

Physical and emotional Symptoms may be similar to those of Solar Flares, with the only exception being these spikes seem to be somewhat less dehydrating overall to the body, but quality hydration is still needed. Also be sure the body is in receipt of proper nutrients, especially minerals. The list is long, but the most common symptoms are: headaches, digestive changes, fatigue and/or changes in sleep patterns.

Yup to all these items. And here I was thinking I was handling these energetic shifts better. sigh. I’ve been hearing about people being really sick, with ascension flu and other debilitating symptoms. Nothing debilitating here…just mildly intrusive. Annoyances more than anything else. But I have been taking naps…by late afternoon I’m so exhausted! 😦 And it’s not like I’m busy doing anything really…I mostly stay at home. I’ve been doing a lot of online research. A lot of manual journaling, so much so that my poor thumb and index finger are hurting! I’m not used to writing with a pen for long lengths of time anymore! LOL

And of course, there’s this aspect:

As usual, Empaths and Sensitives are often processing these shifts before the majority of everyone else.

Yes, I am both an Empath and an HSP (highly sensitive person). I have noticed this before too…that the Empath aspect seems to make these things worse. I had read, and noted here, that many empaths are transmuting negativity for other groups of unenlightened people who are not doing the work. I have noted before that I think that is why I am in this unenlightened little town…to help them raise their vibrations by helping with transmuting energy for them on an unconscious level (for both of us!) But I do FEEL the nuances here, but I think my Higher Self is more cognizant of what work needs to be done. But I must be doing a lot of work, for I am really tired these days. There is no reason for this – if anything, I’ve been having good days lately. Some really positive stuff has happened and I’m feeling a lot of “warm fuzzies” these days.

3D negativity will feel especially harmful and distracting now. In spikes of high energy, conflicts and draining situations are to be avoided. If they cannot, proper grounding and shielding techniques are a must.

Well…this explains why I’m feeling so confuzzled by the contradicting stories, and just the fear-mongering and negative attitudes I’m getting from all sources of media. I KNOW that WW3 will not happen, but damn, the war-mongering is everywhere! I know I have to stay away from it. The energy brings me down. So I stay off the internet a lot more lately.

But this brings up something I wanted to mention: that although you cannot escape the damn media and the negativity that is rampant globally these days, there are things us sensitives can do. Ground and Shield. Key concepts for any Empath! Thankfully, I have become good at grounding, thanks to my little Dotsero diamond (see the posts here and here), and I recently upgraded my shielding.

I had the tea leaf reader tell me that I needed to upgrade my shielding because the dark was finding ways in. I’d been feeling that way for a while now too, but somehow this combined with a couple of synchronistic events led to a whole new way to shield. A couple months back I was reading David Wilcock’s books The Synchronicity Key and the Source Field Investigations, and one of them talked extensively about the power of the pyramids. It made me think to visualize a pyramid to meditate in. Then I started using it as a type of shield, where the white light structure only allowed Light to be channeled in from the apex. Well, I just recently read that the Dark is afraid of pyramid power, so this is turning out to have been an intuitively excellent way of protecting myself. I dunno if I wrote about this or not (doesn’t appear I did…I must have mentioned it in my Occult Codex or something), but Cobra stated:

pyramids are portals based on sacred geometry that can transmit higher dimensional energies and they can actually counteract the negative scalar technology. And this is why the network of pyramids was put on critical planetary nodes in the time of Atlantis and some of those pyramids are still visible or accessible one way or the other.

And the dark forces are actually afraid of the power of the pyramids. That’s why they suppress the science of the pyramids, because this is one of the key factors to counteract the effects of the negative plasma technologies.

So ha! Fuck the ickyons…I intuitively figured out a way to screw you guys! LMAO See…warm fuzzies. heh heh I was feeling really good about this. So today’s bout with the media negativity had left me feeling a little wonky I guess. So thank you my dear Light team for letting me know that it’s nothing to worry about…just more ascension shit. Yeah, these high frequency energies can really wreak havoc on a person. I suppose I’m having it really easy compared to some, but still…it’s yucky. bleah. Glad I got some synchronistic reassurance to balance it out. 🙂 ❤