Actually, the other post just prior to this one was not the one I originally intended to do. LOL I had a really interesting MOTN meditation last night with my rhodochrosite stone. And it was about Love and Light.

Last night I was working on this Chakra Journaling Challenge prompt from over at Cauldrons and Cupcakes because I have been having troubles with my Crown Chakra, and this was the chakra this week’s focus is on. During the meditation, we are enjoined to choose a Power Word and a Power Color to work with. Well, my Power Color came to me almost immediately, and before she even called for us to look for it. Pink popped into my head almost immediately the moment the meditation started. Okay…guess I need to work with the energy of Pink. She spoke of working with a guidance stone, which I think must have been elucidated much earlier in the journal challenge, so I just went to my pink crystals and stones and see which of them called to me. I was immediately drawn to the rhodochrosite, both pieces that I have. So I’m working with them both.

Well, I meditated with them last night, and asked them how they could help me with the Crown Chakra. Because pink stones are really for the Heart Chakra, and embody love energies. That’s not the same energy I envision with the Crown Chakra. Which might be my mistake! As they pointed out, what is Love and Light? That was a “whoa” moment for me! LOL I guess I’d never really stopped to think about it, but I do see them as part and parcel of the same concept of God.

Then I was thinking about how rhodochrosite is both pink and white…love and light. The two really aren’t different things. In the final analysis, all there is is love. The Light is love. I have always thought of the Light as the infinite love of God. See…I do see the two things as the same thing. I guess I just didn’t SEE it like that. The rhodochrosite also told me that OM embodies the love and light too. OM is the sound vibration of love and light. Isn’t that an amazing thing for a rock to say???? 😀 The O sound is the outpouring of love, and the M sound is the incoming light from Source. It creates a repetitive cycle of love and light to chant the word OM. It internalizes and externalizes the concept of both love and light of God.

These are my thoughts on the concept of Love and Light, but I went looking for other ideas on it online, and that is where I found that other post that I blogged about here. Strangely, it was the third entry on my Startpage list. Dontcha love synchronicity? LOL Don’t think I don’t realize that by dissing the concept it helped me delineate for myself what I really think and feel about the concept! Which was probably way more helpful than reading other people’s opinions on what it is. But…I’m still researching it further, because I’m trying to glean what it has to do with my wobbly crown chakra. Does this mean that my heart chakra is messed up too? It doesn’t feel like it, when I checked in this morning. Maybe the healing of my crown chakra has to come from the heart?

I am reminded of the concept of compassion. Lately this word has come up a lot for me. I had seen it in conjunction with doing some self-love and self-esteem work, and self -compassion circumvents the problems that self love and self esteem can have. They can lead to narcissism and a sense of superiority, but self-compassion keeps the emphasis on caring for the self. It’s kinda more like taking care of the Inner Child. That’s another concept that keeps coming up for me too.

But I started working with Mother Mary again, resolving my issues with some divergent knowledge that I came across that made me doubt her. But she came to me when I was a small child and comforted me when my mother had a stroke and was horribly ill with debilitating migraines afterwards. I thought my mother was going to die, and Mary comforted me. I was only 7, and the eldest of 4 girls. It was a very rough time. But Mary was always there, and I remember her warm compassion and love.

More recently, I have discovered that Mary had another lifetime after that one…she was the Quan Yin, the goddess of Compassion. Although she started out as Guanyin, the bodhisattva, which is a religious adept who embodies compassion to such a degree that they reach Buddhahood. I’d say this was a case of transgenderism, and when he went to China, he went as a female to become this goddess Quan Yin. Whatever…but Mary is definitely a feminine energy, and she wouldn’t make a good male. LOL

Then there is my mantra…I love the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. I discussed this in my Grimoire, and decided to look up the meaning of it. Well, guess what this is called??? Yup…the compassion mantra!!! LOL Do you think the Universe is trying to tell me something???? 😉 So now my little stone is also telling me that it represents compassion and that Love and Light is the same thing. Okay…does this mean that I’m lacking self-compassion and that this is what will heal my crown chakra? I’m thinking yes. Rhodochrosite is a stone to heal deep emotional issues, and to stimulate love for self. Other pink stones may be for general love for others and the world, etc, but rhodochrosite is for self-love. Or…more importantly, for self-compassion.

This still feels like a heart chakra issue though. I’m still searching for the clue that connects it to the wobbly crown chakra issue though. I’m still not seeing the connection for some reason. Obviously. LOL If I did, I wouldn’t have the problem, right? I suspect I need to do some shadow work in the form of healing my Inner Child. From a past life specifically. sigh This could get ugly. It is ugly. I’ve dealt with this before. sigh. I guess I’m not done with it. sigh. I might not be posting for a bit again. LOL But I had to qualify the earlier post and give my original thoughts on the subject.