Wow…just read an extremely angry and vicious diss of the concept of Love and Light. I wonder who shit in her cornflakes this morning??? ““LOVE AND LIGHT” NEW AGE CRAP” is a rather disturbing treatise on this wonderful new age concept. The image in my header is her header. sigh Yeah, guess which side I’m on though? LOL I’m not going to go into her distasteful and rather crude post ranting against the New Age community that offers this sweet wish to anyone and everyone. And that is how I view it…a wish for positive things for the other person. Sure, some “enlightened” wannabes bandy it about in supercilious ways, but generally speaking, I think most people make it a pleasant wish for…love and light to manifest for the other. Maybe she recently encountered one of the supercilious types…but that’s not the main body of New Agers and other awakened people who are just genuinely trying to be nice and send out the right energy.

The comments for this diatribe was kinda down the middle…some were saying “F*ck yeah!” and thanks for being so truthful, and then others who are on the same page as me. I was pleased and even relieved to see many defending the concept as not “fluffy bunny” wishy-washiness being spouted by people who are denying and avoiding their own dark sides. Some really great comments by those people. The ones agreeing with her were not as cogent. Ummm…I think that says a lot. You know, this really smacked of an SJW rant. LOL I wonder if she was in any of those anti-Trump rallies???? Sorry chickie, but there is no way I’m coming over and spewing my shit on your coffee table so we can be “real” with each other! WTH???

I really think she is missing the whole point of working with the shadow. It is not about legitimizing the darkness within each of us, and embracing it wholeheartedly. It is about accepting that we have deep wounds from lifetimes of bad experiences that need to be exposed and accepted and transmuted back into Light. Ultimately, all there is is Light. Even darkness is defined in conjunction with Light…what is darkness but the absence of Light? Shine light into the darkness and what do you get? An ugly monster? No…you get Light again. Who the hell wants to play with monsters???? Loving the monster only transforms it back into Light. Monsters aren’t real. Yup they’re scary, but ultimately, they are illusory and fragmented parts of our own selves. I’m not sure why the author of that piece was so damned angry and dismissive. I think she has issues *cough cough splutter* I wish her love and light to heal whatever her issues are. Like one commenter said:

You’re at a different place on the path than those you criticize. Behind or ahead? It’s not ours to judge. But your drawing to condemnation and hatefulness is something to think about. Maybe more enlightenment will get you to a more positive place or them to a more negative place.

Another commenter noted:

You are three quarters of the way there. In the occult traditions examining your “dark” side is examining your “hidden” side not your “evil” nature. Balance is not achieved through acceptance of wicked tendencies, but bringing them into the light so that you can curb and eventually do away with them. Smearing fake blood on your face and roaring “There! I’m evil too!” is just a 180 degree flip of the failure you are criticizing.

And yet another really enlightened soul eulogized rather poignantly if you ask me:

There is an emphasis for love and light since the universal law of harmony is broken
and hate and darkness exceeds love and light in this era of humanity.

Hence the need for LOVE and LIGHT is of prime importance.


To reach higher vibrational frequencies one has to anchor themselves with the power
of darkness and seek out light thereby increasing the vibration of light within
a person because reaching out to higher frequencies is not possible without proper
grounding of energy flow within our channels found in the human body.


When you reach the final frequency of light you will discover it’s love in the end.
Creatures in this dimension refer to love as an emotion the same goes for hate.

Love on the whole is synonymous with light since in this highest frequency of emotional
state called love do we reach the point where all dimensions run thru each other
in parallel. This frequency helps us to reach higher frequencies within our own bodies
and helps us to communicate with beings of higher consciousness who live in this frequency called love. Those beings in this frequency will have a thick aura of pure light around their body.

Love leads to peace which in turn leads to a highly advanced race of higher consciousness.

Amen! LOL Now excuse me while I go do a guided Violet Flame meditation to send love and light to Long Island to heal the last stronghold of the Chimera. Damn me and my fluffy bunniness! LMAO 😉