Well, my little piece of moldavite that seemed to have run away came back last night! Yay!!! I have been doing some work with my rhodochrosite, and reading up on it, I discovered this passage:

If you are using it for past life therapy, combine it with some of the high crystal energy stones such as Moldavite, to increase the depth of the journey…

So since I was planning on doing some Inner Child work with a past life experience where I was a mentally disabled 6 year old who died in a root cellar, I knew I needed some heavy duty help. So I asked the moldavite to please come back. This was yesterday, and early this morning I found it. 😀 Actually, what happened is that I dropped my black tourmaline behind the headboard, and while fishing it out, along came the moldavite too! I was so very thankful that it came back! LOL (this LOL is one of happiness and joy!) I think I mentioned here that I think I hurt its feelings a while back, so it ran away. Well, I’m so relieved that it heard me and decided to come back! And we did have a really great meditation both last night and again this morning.

Yup…got some really good inner work done thanks to the moldavite, rhodochrosite and a piece of carnelian for courage. Carnelian is also good for emotional healing too. So now I feel like I have this wonderful powerhouse of stones to help with emotional healing, and healing that is related to past lives. Thank you my dear stones, and thank you my Light Team, for all your help. 🙂 ❤

Those are my stones above…the two pink ones on the side are the rhodochrosite, the one in the middle is the orange carnelian, and the small green one is the moldavite. The camera on my tablet is shitty. sigh They’re sitting on this little red pouch I crocheted for my stones (I have a purple one and a yellow one too), and the whole scenario here looks strangely like a face! LOL The “mouth” is the opening in the pouch for the stones. My inner child is laughing at how much it looks like a guy with a moustache! LMAO