I needed to hear this after another psychic attack last night, and I am sure there are others who need it too! I want to add my thanks to everyone who is fighting the good fight in whatever way they can! Just being awake and aware throws that monkey wrench into their damn matrix!!!


I was just thinking about how things are going here on Earth and what would have happened if the Starseeds and other Galactic Forces hadn’t intervened when we/they did.

We all know Ascension is happening right now in real time and we are all guiding humanity and each other head first into it. From the Cabal’s perspective, we are the wrench in their machine. Their Orwellian dystopia isn’t happening because of each and every one of you reading this. I just want to remind you all how amazing you are and that you should be proud of how far you have come on this planet.

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Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and really congratulate yourself on how much you have accomplished and endured on this planet. Playing the role of the white blood cell (cells that protect against attacks) in this galaxy is obviously not an…

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