Well, I’ve been feeling like I need some positive feedback about this whole Ascension thing. I had a terrible xenophobic moment last Friday and went off on my sister about how Muslims are terrible and can’t be trusted…sigh. Her boss is a Muslim. I do know him, and he’s okay. It’s just there is a new family in town who are being sponsored by the town, and they are Muslim. Makes me nervous…I’d hate for some of that jihadist shit to go down here. bleah.

But what’s wrong with me that I am assuming the worst??? I feel like I’ve backslid big time! That’s not very Unity Consciousness of me! bleah. Maybe I’m not as far along as I like to think (hope!)! So I needed some hope that everything will be okay. And I found this article “Must Watch! Supernatural Event Coming Soon?“, where she not only showcased a fascinating video about someone’s hypnotized clients talking about an Event happening this year (8-10 months maybe), but also gave me a much needed perspective push.

I did want to point out something that has touched my heart deeply.  One of the clients mentions how there are many of us here at this time who know of this event and it is our energies that are bringing this energy wave here to earth.  Think about that one for a moment and let it sink in.  We each have a purpose – even if we think we’re not doing “enough”.  Our purpose is simply to be awakened to this event and to simply BE.  Hold the intention.  That’s it.  Is that not a humbling KAPOW WOW moment for your heart and soul?  It is for mine. It moved me to tears.  I had never thought of it in this way before and I am so grateful I heard these words.

Yes…a humbling Kapow Wow moment alright! 😀 This moved me to tears too. Much like her, I hadn’t thought about it like this, and was feeling like I’m just not doing enough to help with this ascension thing, and I’m just not evolved enough, blah, blah, blah. I’m actually horrendously embarrassed by my outburst on Friday. sigh And confused where it is coming from.

Earlier today I was asking the Universe, again “What is my purpose?  Am I just taking up space?  I feel like I’m not doing enough!”  Then I watch this.  Each of us are powerful in this mission.  It is time to Believe FULLY in ourselves.  The time for smallness is no longer.  The time for doubt, no longer.  We chose to come here and our presence alone is bringing in this energy wave of beautiful transformation. That alone makes this journey worth it to me!  I thank every one of you for being here at this time.

This is a wonderful thought, and a wonderful comment. I too am thankful for all of us who are awake and aware and fervently praying for Ascension and the Event to happen. It is wonderful to think that we are making a difference after all, even if we aren’t healers, whistleblowers, or reaching out with Truth to a large audience. Just being is sufficient to get this ball going! How wonderfully enlightening…it definitely lights a beam of lovingkindness in my soul to think this.

Here is the video and it’s messages of hope: