This is a sort of response to another blogger’s post entitled strangely enough

Kp Note 6-2-17… “Reminder to self (that ego one) from Higher Self… ‘Why I post What I Post’”

I guess he had some issues with commenters and his FB posts, so he wanted to be clear on why he posts what he does. I totally concur with him!

I am reminding the ego self that I am here to post what I “get” to post, and to add highlights and my own comments as I “get” to highlight and comment.

This is from a level of Higher Self that I canNOT explain, and often makes no “logical” or “Well, if you do the research you’ll find no data to support that” kind of sense.

None of that.

Amen brother! LOL That’s exactly what I do too! I post whatever I feel called to post, and it comes from…wherever. Although I do try to post some collaborative links to make it all seem less…well, woo hooey. To me. I like the feeling that there are others out there who think similar weird things as me. heh heh But I’m pretty faithful to my inner voice that has all kinds of visions and clairsentience and clairvoyance and clairaudience and inner knowing. That’s why it’s called esotericjenavi…my blog is my own personal rantings and ramblings on esoteric, and thus unverifiable, information. I don’t really expect people to read it to be honest. I am always astounded to find that people do though. I have even had a personal high of 79 views one day!!! Wow…I’m blown away to be perfectly frank.

But I totally agree with his viewpoint on what to do about trolls and haters…

Those who “don’t like” or “feel they have to troll” or say “I cannot see how you can possibly believe that” or anything like that about my posts, are usually ignored, set aside (well, their comments are) (for the most part), so that I remain in tune with Higher Self. If I feel the need to, they may be unfriended or blocked or thrown into the Light where they dissolve from my awareness. (emphasis mine)

Although I must say, I have not had that experience of anyone dissing my experiences. Mostly, I don’t get comments at all. Which is fine…it lets me persist in my notion that this is my own private journal. LOL But if I did have detractors, I love his notion of “throwing them into the Light where they dissolve from my awareness”! LOL I will have to remember this comment…I just love it! 😀