The idea that most of our food is poisoned by either standard pesticides or GMOs has left me feeling really disempowered. I have recently made the realization that I do not feel safe or secure in the world…there is just too much wrong with it! This has impacted my Inner Child work too…I actually scared little me when I went off on a rant about everything that is wrong with the world. sigh. I need to get to a better place in my mind about the world, and my place in it, as being in a safe, happy place.

Based on the studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his water experiments that showed that water molecules were affected by words and emotions, I have extrapolated this to the idea of saying blessings over my food too. If water molecules can be affected by positive affect and words, then why not food? There had to be a reason why people used to say grace over their meals back in the day. I think we have forgotten the reason for being thankful for our food, and saying a blessing over it. I am hoping that the blessing that I say over my food will negate the effects of all the chemical shit in it, and the GMO manipulation that is turning our food into essentially poisonous, cancer-producing “stuff”…not real food to nourish us and keep us healthy.

Well, I found something else that made a lot of sense to me…this idea of asking the Creator to partake in our meal. The article “Lesson X: The Enjoyment Technique” explains it like this:

This technique was originally an eating technique devised by the excellent Coursian teacher Ken Wapnick, but it works well with energy — and with really anything and everything — and it works every time.

When you’re eating, drinking, experiencing energy of any kind, or doing virtually anything at all, try grounding, protecting, and then say (silently to yourself):

[Oversoul/SOURCE/Brother J],
please enjoy this

[Wave X energy, food, vitamins, wine, smog, fudge, etc.]
with me.

This reduces the energy or object — which is really illusion — into what it really is: a symbol. This technique works when experiencing both good things and bad things… because there is no “good” or “bad,” there is no duality in reality. Life really is a box of fake chocolates.

This is a new way of thinking of food for me. Reducing it to the energy of a symbol. I like the idea that I can use

this mental technique to “transmute” the food/wine/air/whatever into the symbol that it is. You can even go BACK IN TIME in your mind, to any instance, and say this mantra as you imagine yourself eating/drinking/doing whatever.

I think this has a lot of potential to reduce the risks associated with pesticides and GMOs in our food from harming us. And getting actual nourishment from it! I am getting so damn discouraged trying to stay on top of what is not GMO and what is organic (which has no guarantees that it isn’t GMO either, since bees are indiscriminate where they pollinate). I also don’t have a lot of choices in the small town I live in for diversity in products…there’s some local organic (ie. non pesticide use) veggies…but just in the summer.  The rest of the year, it’s your standard pesticide laden trucked-in produce. It’s horrendously depressing to go grocery shopping…I’ve read the sites that outline the non-GMO companies, and these products are not in my local grocery store. sigh. I go grocery shopping with my sister, and she couldn’t care less about GMOs and pesticides, and never reads the label for chemicals. bleah. And I know everyone in town is the same.

Now, Ken Wapnick’s book is geared for the overeater, and takes the lessons in the Edgar Cayce “Course in Miracles” to a practical level and applies it to the way we often feel guilty about what we eat. I’m not so much feeling guilty as much as appalled at the lack of proper food available to us! I hate that I don’t have fresh, nourishing food available to me! And that they have essentially “weaponized” our food so it harms us instead of nourishes us. I guess I do feel guilty eating what I know isn’t good quality food, but there isn’t any around to buy! I try my best to buy the least damaging food…but this is not a good way to eat, or enjoy your food! Or your life…sigh.

So I have started to use this “Enjoyment Technique”, along with my blessings of my food, to help me feel like I have some control over the food I eat…that I can do something so it won’t harm me and I can trust that it will nourish me and help me stay strong and healthy. It makes my Inner Child feel a little better…too soon to see if it will have any other effect. I guess I can’t complain too much with what I have been doing…the blessing of my food. I am in good health and have no health problems. I became vegan 20 years ago and am now mostly vegan, but I do sometimes eat vegetarian (eggs and cheese). There is not a whole lot of vegan options in this town. So I break down and eat a bit of eggs or cheese for variety. Pizza is hard…veggie pizzas still have cheese on them. But I usually buy the most expensive, organic eggs that are local. On a low fixed income, it is a concession I make to eating animal products in an ethically acceptable way. They are free range chickens at least. Yup…I actually have a lot of guilt in my food choices! LOL So this new idea should help me! 😀