I have recently had an interesting conversation with Gaia…yup, the Goddess, Mother Nature, the spirit of this planet. It was a very interesting experience. I have connected with her before, and to her emissaries (animals, rocks, trees, elementals) but this was like a direct download. I am still in awe. And I made a startling realization too, going back to a previous dream I had many months ago.

I’ll start with this most recent experience…I know I have spoken before about the sudden darkness I discovered inside myself regarding my xenophobia (see my post here). I have discovered that I feel threatened by the new Muslim family that is being sponsored by our little town, and I feel really fearful about having them here. I mean…they could be radical Jihadists! I don’t believe that the people who really need to leave their war-torn countries are actually able to, so who or what are the ones that are leaving? And what are their agendas? There are way too many terrorist attacks that are being committed by Muslims…look at poor Sweden! 😦 Although I can’t blame them for being angry at us for what we have done to them; thus, they should not be coming here! And I do know that a lot of the attacks are false flags, meant to discredit Muslims and throw the blame on an innocent group, but let’s face it…the Middle East has been a hotbed of violence and mayhem since Biblical times! sigh.

Anyway…enough of that rant! bleah. It makes me feel terrible about myself, knowing that I can be so xenophobic and racist. That really isn’t very loving, compassionate, tolerant or higher minded of me! 😦 I thought I was better than that! sigh. And working with my Other Hand and accessing my Inner Child, I realize that I do not feel safe and secure in the world…I do not believe the world is a good place. I also scared my poor Inner Child. bleah.

So the other night, I decided to work with my Dotsero diamond stone, which has always helped me ground myself so well. I figured I needed grounding, to help me feel safe in the world. That is when I connected to Gaia. She spoke to me…and she said the most amazing thing! She said “I got you! And I’m going to take you on an amazing ride…all of you!” And she laughed this joyous kind of laugh, full of love and warmth and happiness in what is coming. I know she meant the Ascension. I felt her love and warmth wrapped around me, and I am feeling so much better about things now. I have faith again. 😀

Then just yesterday I made another startling realization…the energy I encountered was the same as the yellow angel I encountered in this dream I spoke of here. At the time, I thought the yellow angel was maybe my guardian angel Carolla, or even maybe Oshun, because of the yellow color. Although neither felt right. Now I know it was Gaia I encountered at the bottom of that bottomless pit! And yellow is right, when I stop to think of it. I have always considered Gaia, the Goddess, Mother Nature as being green energy, but I have read that the planet is moving into the Green Ray of Love, which means we are currently at the Yellow Ray. So Gaia is currently at the Yellow Ray, and moving up to the Green Ray. So being a yellow angel isn’t so far-fetched after all!

Now isn’t that amazing?!?! I am totally humbled that she would not only catch me when I fell down a hole, but that she would reassure me when I was feeling down about my own bad behavior and my lack of feeling safe and secure. It was that “I gotcha” statement that linked the yellow angel dream with the Gaia I encountered in my meditation with the Dotsero diamond. And the warm, loving, happy energy is the same too. I guess I never figured that Gaia would be so happy. I feel like we are a disease on her, and the planet is poisoned because of us, but she is totally unfazed and loves us and is a very happy, warm presence, despite it all. She just doesn’t see it that way. Yeah, I guess my perspective is rather limited and narrow focused. LOL

Now I am rethinking my opinion on who Gaia is…I have had too narrow a focus, and have not really known her at all! I am excited to have further conversations with her…I hope she will bother with me again! 😀