This month’s energy update really hit some buttons for me…the bit about the karmic relationships in particular.


Yeah, I still have that sociopathic neighbor who was a harmful person to me in at least 2 previous lifetimes around. I have been trying to be nicer to her, but I just don’t want her to get the idea we can be friends since she lives just down the hall. We will never be friends, for many reasons. Not that I can’t forgive her for her past actions (and yeah, helping to stone me to death is a biggie, but…it was a long time ago and the energy just doesn’t feel as angry). I have recognized that she is playing the role of place marker for all the others who wronged me too, and I can be higher minded and see the bigger picture and understand why they did that to me. I was a threat to them, and I just didn’t want to be there any longer anyway. I submitted to the stoning, and felt its inevitability. So…I am okay with it, now. It’s just kinda unfortunate that the neighbor woman looks exactly the same as she did then, and has not evolved at all. This is the real reason we will never be friends…I already know she will abuse me yet again if I let her. I am watching her do it to others, and preying on my sister. No…I will not allow her to do it me.

Lee’s advice was to sit down and talk to the other person who is triggering you in a non-combative way, which I could do. However, how the hell do you tell someone that you’re reacting to them from a past karmic event? LOL I can’t explain to her why I dislike her so much, since she hasn’t done anything to me this lifetime. So that is not a reasonable option. I have talked to her higher self though…I think we’re okay. Maybe Tammy isn’t okay with Laura, but our higher selves are okay. Thankfully, she is not intruding on my life in any way. But I’m thinking of having that conversation on a higher plane, since there doesn’t seem to be a way to have it in the physical. Although I feel like I have a certain amount of peace on the subject, I still feel bad that I can’t be nicer to her and that there is no way I want to be friends. bleah That feels like how such a thing should be resolved, but I do feel that is not possible at this point in time. Not with the way she is. I also know that this is not just projection…I have heard it from other people that she is that way, and she doesn’t have any friends. Even my sister doesn’t want to be friends with her! She just doesn’t want to be “not nice” to her. Yeah…read that again! LOL

According to Lee, June is a month that is going to highlight karmic relationships…

There is an enormous shift playing out in KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS right now. These are those ‘healing relationships’ where you are playing out hurt, past imbalances or soul contracts – usually the greatest learning relationships for us.

Transformations and elevations in these relationships can be more effortless now IF you learn how to AUTHENTICALLY EXPRESS yourself and your needs within them. Or where elevations aren’t possible within the relationship, a change in regularity or a period of less contact may naturally transpire at this time. Either way, karmic relationships are UNDER THE MICROSCOPE IN JUNE.

Yeah…I think I will try to contact her higher self to see what we can heal on that level.

Another important thing I got from his energy update was the note on how to handle the hard stuff…I love affirmations! LOL

Getting too caught up in the intense emotions manifesting as Conflict/Drama in others/the world at large.

(Affirmation: “I release any energies and emotions that are not mine.”)

As an empath, I should know this one, and I do. But sometimes the reminder is necessary. And it definitely was…looking at the anxiety that I woke up with this morning, I now am realizing it wasn’t mine. I’m not sure who’s it was, but it’s not mine. Living in an apartment can be difficult for an empath. sigh. And I do know that the sociopathic neighbor down the hall was beaten by her boyfriend recently, which actually horrified me when my sister told me! I may not like her, but I don’t want to see her harmed either! Maybe he did it again? I did hear voices this morning…they didn’t really sound angry though. Just a little loud. I dunno…but that could be why I was given this “nudge” from the universe through Lee’s video today.