Well, according to Diane Caulfield, there was another huge energy wave that came in yesterday. “Energy Update: Huge Wave Of Energy Coming In Now! Opening Of All Grids For Acceleration of Timelines” claims that

We are being blasted with Huge Energy Waves right now. You will feel them in your consciousness. You will feel like you are being pulled away from this Reality.
Today was a day of fatigue and low energy that came in. This NEW Wave came in about 30 minutes ago and has only increased. You may feel wobbly and as if you can not walk straight.

She wrote this on the 9th, which was yesterday. Well, I am really feeling this way today to be honest. Guess I’m a day behind! Although to be honest, I feel like there have probably been a lot of energy waves bombarding us lately, for I’ve been feeling really spaced out and low energy for days now. Last Sunday was the worst! I spent most of the day in bed! I just couldn’t wake up, and had no energy to move. Turns out both my sister and my parents were the same way too, so I think the energy wave that hit supposedly earlier wasn’t having an energetic impact until Sunday. Just a note…Diane said there was “blissful” energies coming in. Didn’t really feel blissful…just exhausting! bleah And I’m feeling this to a lesser degree today. double bleah.

I’ve been thinking maybe I should go for a walk, to ground. Except it’s in the 90s, I don’t have an air conditioner, and I’m really reluctant to go outside and get all hot. It’s not like I can come inside to cool off. bleah. I’ve already taken a nap, and feel marginally better, and I will work with my Dotsero diamond tonight to help me ground. These energy waves…damn, they seem to be hitting me hard this go around!

I do have to admit that I am feeling this “new” symptom she is talking about, although to be honest, it’s not that new for me.

You may feel the NEW symptom I reported on in my last interview – the not knowing what to do with oneself.

This energy is loosening our ties to this reality as it merges us with the higher realms. It opens up all the grids and bathes them in LIGHT  to accelerate our awakening and evolution. It unsticks any blockages and old energy that is no longer needed.

Yes…there is a feeling of spaciness that is very prevalent right now. And I don’t know what to do with it, or myself. Our awakening and evolution is accelerating? Okay… I can buy into that. 🙂 And the idea that old energy and blockages are being “unstuck” also explains my recent discovery of my xenophobia and lack of faith in being safe in the world. I just watched a Lee Harris video on letting go of self-judgement, which I will heed. Another old video I am only just discovering…gotta love synchronicity! 😀 I’m getting really tired of all this “work” though…geez, I’ve been doing it for so long now! Since my kundalini “woke” back in 1989! You’d think I’d be done already. sigh. And I’m willing to work on it, so why is it biting me in the butt? Yeah, I’m just ranting here. LOL Let’s just do this already!!! The whole Ascension thing…I’m beyond ready!