I have been having my doubts about Cobra and Corey Goode, and Corey has responded by saying that the Cabal are just trying to discredit him and other whistleblowers. Okay…I can buy into that. I have read Rob Potter’s defense of Cobra, and he has actually met the guy and interviewed him in person. Being his friend probably makes Rob less objective, but he is speaking from personal experience. So the intel that Cobra was actually a female is inaccurate, and makes the whole “debunking” of Cobra seem silly in retrospect. Yeah, probably Illuminati trolls.

But I’ve been stressing about my discernment abilities with these two intel providers, and wondering if they are telling us the truth. Or if it’s all some kind of scam, even if inadvertent and not conscious on their parts. Maybe Cobra is being fed info from some other source than the Resistance…maybe his source is some psy-op group of the Cabal. I dunno…I guess my faith is shaky. Now is it faith in him, or faith in my own discernment? Same with Corey…is it that I don’t believe he is telling us the truth, or is it that I don’t believe that I can make a proper discernment about his intel?

I just watched this video where she looks into the whole Corey Goode/Cobra and even Alex Jones as compromised intel. She throws Alex in there because he has been “outed” as playing a character on his show. My thoughts on this…we all wear masks, and if you’re a performer and have a show, then you are playing a character to tell your narrative. I think this goes for Corey Goode too. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with portraying yourself in a certain light to get your message out, if your message is good.

And that is the point the woman in the video made: Shouldn’t it be about the message, not the messenger? I want to give a resounding Hell yeah on that! LOL I think I need to stop focusing on the messenger and just listen to the messages and judge them against my discernment meter.

Strangely, I already do this with other channeled messages…although I believe that the archangels are archon angels and can’t be trusted, there are some excellent messages channeled by various archangels that have resonated as truth to me. I have worked hard to not automatically reject all messages being channeled by archangels. I guess I just don’t believe that all channelers are actually channeling say Michael. I think many are channeling other divine beings, ETs or aspects of the same soul. I think these other beings are calling themselves Michael because the channel believes in archangels as benevolent beings that are here to help, so they just forgo the whole introduction phase by piggybacking on a recognized name.

What I am trying to say is that it’s not about the channeler, like Darryl Anka for Bashar, so maybe it shouldn’t be about Corey or Cobra either. It’s their intel that is important, and we need to focus on it, not on the individuals. So what if Cobra is a woman…does that change his information? I mean, he’s not, but what if he was? Does it matter? So what if Alex Jones is playing a part of being a hard-nosed, hard-hitting, loud mouthed anti-establishment rebel? Maybe he’s not really that obnoxious in real life…that makes him more likable to me to be honest! LOL I don’t care if he’s playing a role or following a script…his information is still valid. If Corey is playing a role too, then does it matter either?

I think my problem with both Corey and Cobra is that it’s too hard to verify their stories. The intel they give us is way out there, and could be fabrications. This is where our discernment comes in. I have already been picking and choosing amongst Cobra’s intel and those meditations they want us to do. I really hesitate to do anything endorsed by the archangels, which Cobra and his group buy into. But the lightworker ones, and sending healing energy to Long Island where the last stronghold of the Chimera group and the CERN Collider are, were ones I participated in because they resonated with me.

So I think that is what I should do…what we all should do. Don’t invest in the messenger, but weigh the merits of whatever information you come across from these sources. I do believe that they don’t always have the answers…they are human after all. So they may give us faulty information at times. This doesn’t make them frauds – just human.

I think the real reason people are getting so upset about such apparent lies these people have committed is that we are essentially lazy. It’s easier just to believe everything someone we have vetted says. We ascertain that so and so is legitimate, so we can just believe that everything they say is legitimate. Really, isn’t that just laziness? So we don’t have to do our own critical thinking? I think this is a mistake…getting lazy about our discernment process. And I think this is why it came up for me…I was getting lazy and just wanted Corey and Cobra to tell me what to think and believe. I wanted them to tell me the Truth so I wouldn’t have to figure it out on my own.

I don’t think any one person has the whole Truth. Not Corey and not Cobra. They may have pieces of the puzzle, but they don’t know everything, and the gaps in their knowledge base is what is making others think they are compromised and their intel isn’t valid. I’m still on the fence about Corey Goode’s Blue Avians and Sphere Being Alliance, but some of the other messages he has seem legit.

So, like researching any subject matter, you wade through the material to find the personal truths that resonate with you. And that is the important caveat…your personal truth. I think each person’s personal truth is more about their soul’s developmental stage than about any larger TRUTH. I think reality is a subjective thing, and we create our own. So our personal truths are subjective too. We have free will, so we can believe whoever we want and incorporate their info into our personal truth as we see fit. If it feels like someone is lying about the truth, then don’t believe them and accept their truth.


But I do believe we all have pieces of the Truth, and the problems come in how we express it and convey it. I also think that different people hear different things when they listen to a prophet, channeler, whistleblower, etc. You take what you need from the message. That is our job – not the prophet, channeler, whistleblower’s. Their job is just to get the message out. They offer us food for thought, for the soul, but they can’t digest the food for us.

So…I’m over the whole fretting about the validity of Cobra, Corey, and any other channel for truth.