Ohmigod…I am totally marooned by fish flies! I kinda feel weird calling them May flies since it is now the middle of June and they have just arrived. And I mean, just arrived. Went to bed last night and there were no fish flies anywhere. I was out yesterday and walked around downtown…no bugs. I walked home after a couple of hours of putzing around downtown…no bugs. My sister showed up after work around 7 pm, and we went grocery shopping. Got home after 8 pm…no bugs. I woke up this morning around 5:30ish and went to look outside (it’s already light by this time) and the first thing I noticed was my windows covered in condensation. Not sure what that was about, but then I noticed there were may flies covering the window too! And a big ugly ol` spider had already gotten one…that I didn’t need to see. bleah.

I collected up the garbage and went to take it outside to the bins when I realized…geez…there were thousands of mayflies piled up outside both outer doors!! The back entrance even has mayflies inside the 2 sets of doors AND just inside the inner door, and a couple on the steps leading upstairs! 😦 They all seem to be dead, but still…ewwww….crunch, crunch! bleah

I quickly opened the door and ran to the bins to throw the garbage out, and had a couple not only fly at me, but land on me too! 😦 I know they’re not dangerous or won’t hurt me, but damn, I don’t want to walk on them or touch them or have them land on me! They’re quite large for a bug. bleah, bleah, bleah. Geez…what. the. hell.??? I know what it is…they leave the outdoor lights on here at my new apartment building. These things are attracted to the light. My last apartment didn’t even have an outside light, so I never really had a problem with them. A couple of them on the windows and porch, but minimal. Not here! Yikes!

But the most amazing thing was that there was this huge swarm overnight! Literally overnight! I am shocked and dismayed! Am I trapped in my apartment for the duration???? That spider can’t possibly get them all. sigh. Don’t birds eat them? Where are the damn birds that start singing at 5:30 am every morning??? I always see birds, both robins and sparrows and even these small black birds feeding in the grass in front of my basement windows. Why aren’t they feasting???

I don’t care if they spend almost all of their lives in water, and only leave the water to go on land to mate for a brief time…only a couple of days really. It’s the fact they do it en masse…we’re talking swarms! ick.  I don’t want thousands of these buggers clogging up the doorway! I have my drapes closed anyways, to keep the heat out, so I don’t see them on my windows, but I really hate crunching on these suckers. And they stink…hence the name fish fly. They aren’t really fish flies, but they smell fishy. I noticed it right off the bat when I walked outside to put out that garbage today. And although they’ll be dead in a day or two, their dead bodies will remain for weeks. bleah.

They make such a mess each year. Okay, the bright side is they are an indication of clean, fresh water, but still…bleah. And this post, “How to Survive a Massive Mayfly Swarm“, was not helpful. double bleah. If you have never had the dubious luck to experience a mayfly swarm, there’s an interesting (read horrifying) video from National Geographic on there showing not just a swarm but explaining about their lifecycle. It does not make me feel better that it’s all about their sex lives either. ick.

Geez…I wonder if we can convince the owners to turn off the outside lights. Although it’s no doubt too late…it’s not like they leave once they land somewhere. They just die where they land…leaving behind piles of smelly carcasses that will have to be swept away. And I hate the crunching sound. And the mess on the soles of your shoes. Yup…I’m bitching big time! I didn’t have this problem at any of my other homes. Last year the Dollarama had a huge problem with them swarming their big picture windows and double doors…but they leave all the lights on inside the building overnight. There are still piles of dead bugs along the edges of the building from last year! I wonder what they are like today?!?!

I never realized they showed up literally overnight…I knew they came on quickly, but never this abruptly. Hey…I’ve lived in Windsor, along the Detroit River, almost all my life, and we would get them a bit there. And the 3 years that I’ve been here in little Tilbury, I still wasn’t overly bothered by them. Not until this secured apartment building with security lighting. Shit…who knew security lighting could be a bad thing????

Just to let you have a real taste of these suckers…watch this video. Not only did this 2014 mayfly hatch in the Missippippi River area show up as rain on Doppler, but he’s got some great footage of the masses of these bugs.

Okay…rant over…for today. LOL No guarantees for tomorrow. I’m not leaving the building until they’re gone! Wait…Father’s Day is Sunday. sigh. I wonder if the retirement home is inundated too? *huge inconvenienced sigh*