I had an epiphany this morning about the archons, demons and shadow work. Yeah, my MOTN meditations are wild! LOL But I value the intel I get from my Higher Self and my Light Team during these sessions, and I do feel that what comes up is relevant to my life.

So…I have been trying to do Shadow Work, to work on my soul and become a better person. And I guess it’s not such a secret way to ensure that I ascend…at least not secret to me. Yeah, I’m determined to ascend and go into 5D, and if looking into and healing all my dark aspects is necessary, then I will do the work. But…I have had an awful lot of resistance and just plain lack of success in this venture! I have been wondering why, and I believe I have found the reason.

I was thinking on what to write for the archon/ickyon section in my Grimoire, and I got to thinking that they are different from demons. Demons are soulless thoughtforms that are created by humans from our own negative energy, but ickyons are legitimate beings with sentience and souls. Thus, you cannot be possessed by a demon, but you can be possessed by an ickyon. Demons are non-corporeal (well, so are ickyons), so they can only torment you mentally and emotionally. Well, so can ickyons…which is why they are equated with demons too. But the ickyons do it to create loosh (the food/nourishment) they need. Since they are so far removed from Source, they cannot gain sustenance from the Light…they must use beings who are of the Light to get spiritual energy secondhand. And that spiritual energy is negativity; thus, they create all the negative situations and emotions on this planet. They cause wars and poverty and hunger, etc, etc, so we experience negative emotions to feed them.

Does it not follow then that the negative emotions really aren’t ours? I have come to realize this is my mindset, and I have no doubt this is what is causing the resistance to doing Shadow Work. Why everyone encounters resistance to doing Shadow Work. I totally believe that we are Divine Beings of Light, fractals of Source energy. Our souls are made of Light, not darkness. There is no darkness in our Souls…that is a fallacy! The ickyons have created darkness in our minds and psyches, but our souls are not touched by it. For the dark doesn’t not exist independent of the Light…notice that, by definition, the dark references the Light. Darkness is the absence of Light. You eliminate darkness by shining light into it. It does not exist independent of Light.

Thus, it seems spurious to look for darkness inside ourselves. I don’t think we should give more weight to the negativity that the ickyons try to create within us. Granted, we need to be aware when negativity is taking over, but I do not agree with the notion of so much of the Shadow Work proponents that we should befriend and embrace our Inner Shadow. I think that Inner Shadow is an ickyon to be honest!!! bleah I do think we need to shine the Light into any darkness we do encounter, and transmute it back into Light. I think this shift in focus is important.  We do not own our darkness, because it really isn’t a valid expression of our soul. And it really isn’t ours, in a sense…it was artificially stimulated to serve dark beings’ agendas.

I think my shift to dealing with my Inner Child is actually the better way to go…people may scoff at the airy-fairy Love and Light feelings this engenders, but I really feel this is the truth of who and what we are. I was actually rather surprised to find that my Inner Child is not wounded or hurting…she is just fine! She is happy, creative, curious, wondrous, engaged…doing Inner Child work has been just as fruitless when my focus was on dealing with her as a wounded, abandoned, crying child. She isn’t those things. She is my true self, the heart of my soul.

So…I’m giving up on the whole Shadow Work thing, and even the Inner Child Work thing, since there isn’t anything to heal. I’m not giving up my Inner Child though! It’s also not that I don’t think there isn’t yucky stuff that will come up to be illuminated…hey, I’m still stuck in this 3D physical world, surrounded by ickyons, and the Cabal/Illuminati that they control to control us. But I’m not giving into that negative mindset which the whole “Shadow Work” and “Inner Child Work” propaganda seems so intent to get us to embrace. Interesting how synchronicity and my Higher Self set up this situation of trying to look at the negative to work on my soul, in order for me to learn that there is no darkness in my soul! 😀