Well, it seems that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake has hit Yellowstone Park. Some of the USGS values have been as high as 5.1 as well. There are a lot of people watching this area and reporting on Yellowstone. Of course, both Dutchsinse and Dahboo77  have reported on it already…these are my two most watched channels for earth happenings that they don’t tell us about. But Dahboo77 also reported on something else interesting that is happening in Yellowstone…it seems that NASA has sent its SOPHIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) that is built into a converted Boeing 747 over to check it out. Ummm…why is NASA interested in Yellowstone? What do they know that they aren’t telling us???? I have a bad feeling here. sigh.

I mention this because the Yellowstone supervolcano is one of the sites I am watching out for since I had that vision with my Dotsero Diamond. I have a really bad feeling that this supervolcano is going to erupt one day soon. It is way overdue to erupt, and the reporting on the activity going on in the park is separate from the national reporting USGS. That means that a lot of data is never released to the public…we are not being told when troubling things like earthquakes and even low level eruptions are occurring. With all the people that go there, this seems horrendously irresponsible to me. I will not be going to visit this international park any time soon! It’s just too dangerous! The entire region is unstable IMO, and they aren’t letting us know this! Seriously, why would NASA send SOPHIA to Yellowstone Park if something wasn’t up? My thoughts and prayers to everyone in this region! 😦