I have decided to only use spirit shrines and not spirit altars after reading this one person’s perspective. I’m finding that I am overly paranoid and untrusting of the spirit world, for I believe that the archons are messing with us to try to dissimulate and confuse us about Ascension and the Light. I’m not sure what to do about this basic lack of trust and faith. sigh.

Occult Codex 4-15-2017

Watched a video on why you shouldn’t have spirit altars in your bedroom. I had never thought about it before, because mine is in my bedroom. It is just a small one and not  very fancy. It doesn’t seem appropriate for the living room. It is for Oshun and Chango, a small box divided in half with little yarn poppets (dolls) depicting each of them. I arrange it with a space in front for Oya’s symbols and poppet.

Now, this author pointed out that a spirit altar is the “home” of the god/goddess you are dealing with. You put representations of the deity, have things they like on it, give offerings and supplication to them there. They are associated with that space and will have their energy signature if you regularly invoke them. 

You should NOT share that space with them when your are sleeping and unconscious. They can “hitch” a ride when you go out of body during sleep. I personally think any deity that does this is not of the Light and you shouldn’t be dealing with them! They are no doubt part of the False Light! The video does point out that you are dealing with unseen spirits who may or may not be who you think they are. 

I had read about this woman who was “married” to Odin, only to discover later that the Odin she was married to wasn’t the “real” Odin. He admitted as much. She was devastated and it caused a real crisis of faith for her. (Note: I wrote about this here) I dunno, but I think we all need to be very careful when dealing with the spirit world and beware of members of the False Light – negative entities masquerading as divine beings. 

The woman in the video related how her husband used to deal with Shango in his Santeria practice, and then stopped for several years before starting up again. This time around he decided against dealing with Shango in his Saint Barbara form, but instead, in his black masculine form. So the author bought him a Shango statue and all the Shango props to start a new spirit altar, only to find that this Shango was confused by the new altar and representation. Which makes me think there are more than one Shango. Actually, I deal with what feels like yet a third Shango – my Shango prefers the Chango name, and is not the fierce warrior king that seems to be his most common representation. He also appeared as white initially, which he says is because I am white and he didn’t want to frighten me. But I still KNEW who he was, which is interesting in and of itself. I think this speaks to the different soul aspects of the Oversoul that is the main divinity of the god/goddess. 

In any case, it probably isn’t a good idea to keep a spirit altar in your bedroom. It is also recommended to not turn your back on them either, for the same reason. Personally, I don’t think you should “activate” your spirit altars, “baptize” the spirit dolls, or do regular offerings and supplications. I think the whole offerings thing is a waste of money and food to be honest. Seriously…they can’t eat or use any of these things! The woman in the video was smoking a pipe (and in all her other videos too!) and claims that she started the practice while offering it up to Papa Legba (she would smoke the pipe with him), and has since become addicted. Well, that doesn’t sound like a good and proper thing to develop from your relationship with your deity/spirit guide! But then too, I have had a bad experience with Papa Legba and won’t deal with him as a result. 

Still, I don’t believe in worshipping gods – it sets up the wrong vibe in my mind. They are spirit guides and helpmeets. It is one thing to have a special shrine dedicated to your god/spirit guide, but that is all it should be! A static shrine that represents them, not a working altar where you contact them and actually invite them into your home. It just leaves the door wide open for other things to come in IMO!

I do believe it is okay to have your working altar in your bedroom though. I have noticed that many witches do. As long as you don’t do spirit work there and open portals/doorways to the spirit world. I believe that scrying, pendulum work, tarot or other divination should be done elsewhere. This also points out the importance of making sure your altar is well protected with pentagrams/pentacles, sigils, protective runes and stones, etc. 

Yeah, that video got me worried about what witches are really doing at their altars. Do people realize what they are messing with? I know right now it’s dangerous to be a lightworker since the Dark is dying a certain death and totally losing their grip on our world. But they are digging in their boots and I feel they will hijack the unwary and make them believe they are the Light in order to subvert them. Yeah, maybe I have read too much about archons, reptilians, the Cabal, etc to feel safe in the world and to let down my guard with any of my spell work or astral experiences. I also figure there was a reason why I suddenly came across that video. Paranoid much???? Nawww…..sigh. I was I could be one of those Love and Light, airy-fairy types who only believes in rainbows, bunnies and unicorns. I don’t think the time is here for that yet though.