I just saw a totally adorable video on this witch’s channel of her 5 year old daughter’s altar…can we all say “awwww”…”Beautiful Witchery – Savy’s Sacred Space“. This wonderful mom even went so far as to create a little oracle deck for her daughter, who did ask for one. Mom witch didn’t feel right giving her an adult deck, so she created a very simple one for her little daughter…complete with glittery backs! I love this mom! LOL

It got me to thinking that I wish my mom had been like this when I was young. Although to be fair, my mom was the next best thing to a witch. She had repudiated her own Roman Catholic upbringing, and although we weren’t brought up religious, we did go to a RC grade school. But my mother was heavily into all things New Age, and big time into Edgar Cayce. She loved Egypt, and I knew all about Egypt by the time I got to high school. She didn’t worship any of the gods or anything like that, but she had such a fascination for their culture that she passed on to me. Also the Aztecs and the Mayans, and the Greco-Roman culture too. I was way ahead of the game when I took these subjects up in school.

I learned to meditate at 13 because I went with my mother to a meditation course she was taking to help with her depression. We learned Transcendental Meditation together. We frequented these New Age stores and bought lots of crystals and she got herself a tarot deck. She asked me not to get into tarot, because she wanted that to be her thing. This was as far back as my late teens! So I grew up with a real New Age slant to my upbringing.  But when I think about it, I got exposed to a lot of very esoteric and occult topics thanks to my mother. She would read books on kinds of topics, and leave them on the kitchen table, and I would pick them up to read them during breakfast or lunch. This is where I learned about chakras and kundalini, about UFOs and alien abduction, and some other conspiracy theory stuff too.

So I guess my mother was kinda witchy after all! 🙂