I noticed there was a strange gap in the data for the June 28th Schumann Resonance report. I didn’t know what to make of it, but figured it went down for some reason that “they” don’t want us to know about. Or something really anomalous happened that again, “they” don’t want us to know about.

Well, I found an explanation today here: “The BOO & The HOO: Epic Shift Averted” on a fellow esoteric blog named Schrodinger’s Other Cat. Epic name…just love it! LOL In case you don’t know who Schrodinger is, he is the guy who is considered the father of quantum mechanics…and my favorite quote by him is “At the sub-atomic level, there is no-thing there”. What a profound statement, and what a profound branch of science! I’m not sure what the reference to the other cat means, since the “cat experiment” that Edwin Schrodinger devised was more a thought experiment. Maybe the cat that didn’t die? Or the one that lived? I dunno…but it’s a cool name and love the obscure reference! LOL

Enough about that though, although it does point out the very occult nature of their posts. According to the administrators, of which I think there are 12 psychics, they had an incident a couple of nights ago where some of them were attacked by

a new BIG nasty thing was coming right before The Event, a super powerful BIG BAD immortal that would be able to get through our shields. We expected it later, but it’s here now.

It got past their personal shields and their protections, and really spooked them. They finally got rid of it by employing

the spiritual nuke: we looked at the thing and said:



…and it slowly retreated. This is the only thing that worked.

Know it. Learn it. Live it.

Now it seems this was the exact time of this blip in the Schumann Resonance. According to them, there was a Tiki that tried to warn them, but it turned out to be a somewhat shady character, and it came from the Big Bad Dark:

Mr Tiki’s handlers, whom we’re well aware of and will not name because they don’t deserve the recognition, used one of their most powerful… weapons? devices? spells? we don’t know what these things are, but they used them to try and shear and deviate The Event timeline. Suffice to say that this latest spate of attacks failed and that all is well… though we won’t lie and tell you we weren’t worried.

Well, I don’t know what to think, but their argument is just as good as any for an explanation, and could very well be true on an etheric level. They claim that what was used was

a kind of dark device, like a column of pure concentrated… opposite of light. We’re talking about some of the darkest things ever used on this planet. They’re code-named “nightingales” by the light forces, and the last ones used here started WWI and a century of warfare. Dick Cheney has one in his bathroom.

I had to LMAO at the Dick Cheney reference, but I don’t think the irreverence is an indication of deceit on their part. Just an attempt at levity because the situation scared them. This is the feeling that I am getting from them. Hmmm…

They do offer a whole slew of different types of readings that were recorded at that same time, and it does look like something very weird happened during that time period. As they put it:

These represent multiple attempts to sever and displace The Event timeline. No wonder we woke up feeling like we slept in the wheelwell of a semi. We walked around like geriatrics all day.

Most importantly, this last-ditch gambit hasn’t dented the timing of The Event one bit.

I’m not sure how they can be so sure, but one of the commenters noted that it explained why they were in so much pain yesterday, and someone else claimed it wasn’t much of a last-ditch attempt since they didn’t feel anything, but the admins noted that

Don’t poopoo their dark arsenal just yet. It’s only Thursday. Tonight and tomorrow could be monstrous.

I do want to note something here and chime in with how I’ve been feeling…very negative to be honest! I woke up yesterday feeling like I wanted to curl up in a little ball and not get out of bed! Just make myself as small and inconspicuous as possible. And I woke up in a nasty mood this morning! I don’t know where that’s coming from, but I tried to shake myself out of it and went for a walk downtown to see my sister and parents, and only got to my sister’s store before I was feeling nauseous and had pains in my stomach. I had to have her take me home because I couldn’t walk back! Very weird!

Even weirder…it is sunny and blue skies at my apartment, yet it is dark and cloudy 10 minutes away in the downtown area. WTH??? They’re predicting severe thunderstorms, but it doesn’t look like it where I am…that is why I went for the walk. But as I got closer to downtown and it got darker, the sicker I felt. Something weird is up! My sister also claimed she felt the same way yesterday, like curling up in a ball and not going into work. I really wonder what is coming up next.

I think I will remember their “spiritual nuke” in case I need it too. 🙂 I bet the Ho’oponopono would work on them as well…I’ve been saying it each night on one of my prayer beads…perhaps that is why I haven’t been bothered. I do feel the need to keep the vibrations high, as opposed to feeling like I should be protecting and shielding myself…hmmm….