Ohmigod…this is an incredible story! This Australian man named Alec Newald was abducted while driving, and taken to another planet for 10 days where he was given much knowledge that he shared in a book “Co-Evolution”. I have to get this book…the information is astounding! What the ETs told him is totally like everything I know about the archons and reptilians, and how they enslaved the human race, and Alec talks about what must be transparent aluminum…so many points in his book are connecting the dots to what I know! This is so exciting!

I am reading this article “Alec Newald — The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days“, and it is actually a wonderful introduction to many of the concepts I am aware of from my intensive research into the Truth. I gotta have my sister read this! And the perspective from the ET’s point of view is very refreshing and strikes me as truth. She talks about our ancient history and the ancient builder races, which her race is one of them, and she talks about the Ascension process we are going through. Wow…what a great “connecting the dots” story this is!

What is most gratifying for me is the sense of unconcern that the ET woman has about the events…she is certain that all will happen as it should. There is no doubt in her mind that the humans will ascend and overcome their oppressors. The ascension process is an inevitable cosmic event that the Dark cannot do anything about, although the ETs know they are trying. They also know they will not succeed; they cannot succeed. Nothing in the universe can stop this process…it comes from Source. This actually really eases my mind to hear…I have been feeling unsafe and insecure in the world lately. I am very thankful to have been guided to find this story…thank you my dear Light Team!!! ❤

The article is really long, but really worth reading. It’s only a small excerpt of the book, but I definitely want to read the whole book! Well, looking it up on Amazon, there isn’t any chance I’m going to buy my own copy…it’s like $84.00!!! And that’s a used copy! New, it’s a $189.41…WTH??? I think it must be rare…there are only 9 copies available on Amazon. Hmmm…wonder if the Illuminati are trying to keep this truth from people? Artificially inflating the price so people won’t buy it and learn the truth? bleah. He does have a website though…”Alec Newald – COEVOLUTION” I guess a new book is coming out…and he’s been “reactivated”????