I have wanted to get into reading Tarot for a while now, especially since I got back into my witchy ways. I can’t really afford the expense of a deck though, so I had decided to get into lithomancy instead. I have been collecting crystals and stones for decades now, and I literally have hundreds of them. So I have been steadily building up my database of information about the meaning of the various crystals I have. To the detriment of my poor hand…my thumb and index finger are killing me! The muscles in those fingers are stiff and sore in the morning, and I find I have trouble bending them these days. 😦 Between fleshing out my crystal compendium and doing up my Grimoire and Book of Shadows, I have gone through 2 packages of lined paper! LOL I need a third now. sigh. I need to find a bigger package of paper…150 pages just doesn’t go far for me! LOL Can we say long-winded and verbal diarrhea??? heh heh 😉

But I got to talking to my mother about my desire to start doing readings, and she offered me her old tarot deck. She actually had a box of tarot books and her old Rider Waite traditional deck. And this teeny, tiny Tarot book with THE smallest deck of cards I think there is! That is it above. The cards are half inch by three-quarter inch, and the book is about 3 inch by 3.25 inches. To be honest, the deck is impossible to use! It’s really cute, but you can’t even hold the deck to shuffle it! And the images are so tiny they are hard to make out any detail on, and the text needs a magnifying glass! I am really thinking this is more of a novelty item rather than a working deck.

I guess there is a current version out there, which is a bit larger. Still a really small deck, but since I have tiny hands, it would be perfect for me!


But the imagery is very simplistic, and the YouTube videos I have seen reviewing it have complained that it’s not very good for the intuitive reader. Yes, I would be an intuitive reader, especially since I am not very familiar with the Rider Waite deck. This is the industry standard, and most decks are variants on the Rider Waite imagery. There are 78 cards though…it’s gonna be a while before I get familiar with them all! That means using the intuition to divine meaning more. Actually, that is the whole point to be honest…to use the tarot deck as a means to sharpen one’s intuitive skills. So, I am embarking on a tarot discovery journey. Fortunately, there are a lot of not just introductory videos out there, but plenty of websites that are great resources for understanding the tarot and how to do readings.

I don’t know what to do with the teeny tiny deck though. I saw a video where another reader had used the deck she wasn’t using and didn’t like, as picture reference for her tarot journal. Yes, the Tarot Journal is a standard thing. Oh no! Another journal for me! I’ve been thinking I need one for the crystal divination too! My poor hand! 😦 But looking at the imagery for this tiny deck, it’s nothing like the Rider Waite standard, so I don’t think it would be good for my journal. I do think it’s best to start off with the standard to get the basic meanings down pat. You can get into non-standard decks when you understand the basics IMO. Although…there are some gorgeous decks out there that are way more interpretive of the standard tarot symbology. What to do, what to do…sigh Some really wonderful kitty ones that I could really get into. double sigh.



But to be honest, I really want a singing bowl, and a Himalayan pink salt candle holder. Neither of those are cheap either. bleah. The cute kitty tarot decks will have to wait until I master the basic tarot deck. And I pay back my parents for the air conditioner. But the price of some of these really nice decks are atrocious! I’ve seen them over $200! WTH? I don’t understand this…this sounds like price gouging to me! It’s more than just that I can’t afford it…even if I could, I wouldn’t waste my money like that! I could see if they were antique decks or something, but for a deck of paper cards and a little book to explain them, this is excessive. Of course, there is a market out there…wow, I’ve seen a lot of wiccan witches and other tarot readers who have literally dozens of decks! I guess they’re addictive. LOL Some really are little works of art though. And if you’re really into tarot, which a lot of people are, then I guess it feeds the addiction.

I’m starting to doubt that I will get heavily into the tarot reading though…I’m really enjoying working with my stones instead. And the stones and crystals are addictive too…which is actually more understandable in my opinion. Crystals and stones give off subtle energies that can affect you, and I have the ability to commune with them as well. They also connect me to Gaia, and help ground me. A paper deck of cards I can’t see doing that. But there is a massive tradition around the tarot, and extensive knowledge and resources to support a tarot reader. Although I have discovered that I can use a tarot “spread” with my crystals. Instead of drawing a card to answer the “question” or the area of inquiry, I can draw a crystal. The crystals have their own meanings that are divinatory too. I guess I’m just “feeling” the crystals more than the cards!

But I had to share my world’s tiniest tarot deck! LOL