Well, I have wanted a tarot deck for a while now, and was delighted that my mother gave me her deck. Except…I cleansed it 3 times, 3 different ways, and it still “feels” like my mother! This is her deck…they are bonded, and I can’t seem to get a decent reading from it. I have some issues with my mother too, so that’s probably part of it as well. Many years ago, when she got the deck, she asked me not to get into tarot because she wanted it to be her “thing”. It is a fact that I am very sensitive and I always had better luck with New Age things than she did. She would read about stuff that was happening to me. She was a great resource for that reason, and I thank her for her interest in the New Age occult matters. It helped me tremendously whenever  I went through freaky stuff. But my mother just isn’t sensitive. And I know it bothers her that the weird stuff never happened to her. sigh.

Anyway, I decided to get my own deck. The old traditional Rider Waite deck doesn’t speak to me anyway…although it is the standard and all the books and meanings are geared to it. But…more and more, tarot readers assert that you should forget the meanings and intuitively “feel” what the imagery on the cards tell you instead. So…I got a deck that appealed to me. I got the mini deck because it was smaller (and cheaper)…one of the things that bothered me about the full size Rider Waite deck was how large the cards are. I cannot shuffle them without the cards falling out of my hands all over the place! They are just too big! I cannot shuffle them properly.

So, when the cute Pagan Cats tarot deck was available in the mini format, I jumped at the chance to get them. And they are adorable…and much more my size! These are easy to shuffle…no more cards on the table, the floor and in my lap! LOL Although they may be too cutesy for some…I’m thinking if I get into readings I will have to get a bigger set. That Mystical Cat deck maybe.


I know there are other decks out there that are smaller than the traditional Rider Waite. I hope the Mystical Cats is. But the picture below of my deck makes them seem really small though…she must have much bigger hands than me! The picture in the header seems more relative to me. Yes, it’s a tiny deck, but it’s a great size for me! My hands are really small…I wear a child size 2.75 on my pinky finger. It was a custom order for a baby. Children’s ring sizes start at 3 to 5, and I wear a 5 on my ring finger. Women’s sizes start at 6 to 12…I wear a size 6 on my middle and index fingers. Yeah…I’m a small person! LOL Hey…my grandfather was only 4’11”! I take after that side of the family, although I’m 5’2″…still short, but not abnormally so. With tiny hands I need a tiny deck! And these are a great size for me to hold and shuffle. I think this will remain my personal deck. 🙂


Now, the problem with the thematic tarot decks is that the imagery is often very different from the Rider Waite. The Pagan Cats deck is based on the Rider Waite, but the imagery is still very thematic. I’m finding my mother’s books on interpretation aren’t matching with what the imagery is saying to me. Well, this is certainly one way to ensure that I use my intuition with it! LOL But…there’s 78 cards to remember! Yeah…that’s a little daunting! So…I am perusing the internet on courses that teach tarot and helpful hints that other readers have.

I have discovered something called the Fool’s Journey…a storyline that uses the number 0 card, the Fool, and goes through each of the successive 21 Major Arcana as if they were doorways along the Fool’s path to enlightenment. The Tarot has the 22 Major Arcana, which are archetypal images, and the more traditional 56 cards of the Minor Arcana, which roughly translates to a regular deck of cards. There are Kings, Queens, Knights, Pages, Aces and 2 through 10 in the minor arcana. So far, I’ve focused on the 22 Major Arcana. And this Fool’s Journey idea is really helping to lend relevance to the cards so they make sense, and thus easier to remember.

Now to find something to help with the minor arcana…my search continues! 🙂